Regionally Speaking, Wednesday, May 22, 2019

May 22, 2019

This “Vacant to Vibrant” green infrastructure site was completed in Gary's Aetna neighborhood. Sandra Albro, author and project manager for “Vacant to Vibrant,” discusses the creation of the work in a new book.
Credit Waylan Cooley,

Today:   We talk to Sandra Albro, who was manager for "Vacant to Vibrant," a project that brought together greening experts with the city of Gary and residents of the Aetna neighborhood to re-purpose vacant lots -- some of them vacant for 20 years -- into green spaces that provide stormwater management, recreation and beauty to the community.  Sandra's book "Vacant to Vibrant" is available from Island Press. During this Asian-Pacific Heritage Month, northwest Indiana state Representative Chris Chyung was featured in a recent local television program. The Democrat is the first Asian-American member of the Indiana General Assembly. We have for you today, his earlier "Regionally Speaking" conversation on the 2019 session -- his first.