Regionally Speaking, Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Oct 14, 2020

ICE-leased buses wait for the tarmac gate at Gary Chicago international Airport to open, to bring undocumented immigrants out for flights out of the state. Michael Puente's conversation with activist Ruth Needleman is featured on "Regionally Speaking." More about how the Hammond Public Library has been coping with COVID-19 is included on the program.
Credit chicago tribune

Today:   We have Michael Puente's conversation aired on "Off Mic" last week with northwest Indiana political activist Ruth Needleman about the demonstrations outside Gary-Chicago International Airport over the ICE flights out of the area with planeloads of undocumented immigrants.  Indiana Public Broadcasting's Brandon Smith has another pre-Election Day feature on the Governor's race. And Carol Williams, the assistant director of the Hammond Public Library, explains how the library prepared for re-opening after the coronavirus shutdown and is dealing of the changes in programs and the reaction by patrons to what's been done so far.  The library closed for about two months in the spring but re-opened on May 26th.