Regionally Speaking, Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Sep 2, 2020

Purdue University nursing professor Joy Pieper talks about face masks -- the right ones to wear and how to care for them, during this coronavirus pandemic. Purdue agricultural economist Russell Hillberry joins us to talk about the report he will give at a webinar on Thursdays on the economic impact of wind power to Hoosier communities.
Credit UC San Francisco

Today:   Masks are everywhere these days, and we asked an expert to talk about them -- choosing the proper mask, how to wear it and how to care for it (if it's a cloth mask.)  Purdue University clinical nursing professor Joy Pieper is with us to talk about this subject.  She is teaching two courses this semester on the West Lafayette campus on healthcare history and wartime influences on healthcare, and she says the 1918 flu pandemic is worth learning about wearing masks.  We also talk with Purdue University agricultural ecnomist Russell Hillberry about a report that he will present on Thursday at a webinar that discusses the economic impact of wind energy on Hoosier communities.  Profesor Hillbery and his team did extensive research into existing wind farms in Benton and White Counties and will reveal their findings.  The webinar is sponsored by two conservative organizations -- the Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy and Land and Liberty Coalition.