Schererville Police Department Conducting an Emergency Hiring

Feb 11, 2021

The swearing in of new officers.
Credit Schererville Police Department / Schererville Police Department

SCHERERVILLE - The Schererville Police Department is doing an emergency hiring, looking for two experienced police officers to replace two who have recently retired.   

Sergeant Tim Arvanitis says applicants can learn about the positions and access the application at

"Currently what we're looking for is officers that are already certified either in the state of Indiana or Illinois, that are prepared to come aboard our agency and assist us for the next 20 to 30 years," Arvanitis said.

The last time the Schererville P.D. had open officer positions, the department received over 100 applicants.  

In addition to the emergency hiring, the department is also looking to bring on more officers through the traditional hiring process in which people with no police experience are invited to apply.  

"Our officers, the salary right now is about $53,009 for a probationary officer," Arvanitis says. "For our emergency hire officers, they would be on probation for one year and then automatically go up to first class, which is at $64,000 dollars and if you're in the traditional process, you'll go through one year of probation, six months of third class, six months of second class and then eventually be approved to be first class.  So it's a little bit longer of a process to get to that $64,000, but ultimately that's where they're going to be when they get to first class." Arvanitis says.

Those new law enforcement can apply online at  The application expires at 4 p.m. March 4th.  The emergency applications, for experienced officers, at have to be turned-in by March 9th.