State of Indiana Suing Crown Theatre Manager

Sep 2, 2020

Crown Theatre logo
Credit Crown Theatre

CROWN POINT - The Indiana attorney general's office is suing the manager of the now defunct Crown Theatre, for violating the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act, as well as the Indiana Senior Consumer Protection Act. Crown Productions, LLC, is also named in the lawsuit.

The "Times" reports Brad Strom, the manager of the theatre, failed to issue refunds to people who purchased tickets, seat sponsorships and VIP membership cards after the theater's doors remained closed due to construction delays.

The building at 19 N. Court St. now has a "for rent" sign in the window, meanwhile
at least 27 people named in the lawsuit reportedly never got refunds for memberships, sponsorships and live performances at Crown Theatre.

The venue was supposed to be transformed into a live entertainment venue, according to previous Times reports.  

As early as March 16, 2019, and as late as October 19, 2019, Strom had accepted money from patrons for events.  Patrons never received tickets.  The performances never happened and customers never were issued refunds, according to the lawsuit.

The transactions within the lawsuit total $3,754.

The attorney general's office is seeking a permanent injunction, which would prohibit Strom, from owning or operating a future business related to live performances or events unless there is a sufficient process to provide full refunds.

Deputy Attorneys General are seeking consumer restitution for the 27 consumers listed in the lawsuit, as well as others discovered during the lawsuit.  The restitution amount is to be determined at trial.

The state is also seeking civil penalties and costs for "reasonable expenses" for the attorney general's investigation.