State Senator Karen Tallian Running For Indiana Attorney General

Aug 21, 2019

Indiana State Senator Karen Tallian, D-Ogden Dunes
Credit Tallian For Attorney General

OGDEN DUNES - State Senator Karen Tallian is running for Indiana Attorney General.  She said the main factor that help make her decision was the current Indiana Attorney General's decision to join in the lawsuit to overturn health care.
"Doing that would put thousands of people either without healthcare or without care for preexisting conditions and I just, I don't think that's right," Tallian says. "So I think the AG should be the advocate for people, for consumer protection and not trying to take away healthcare."

Tallian says there are many other issues of which she has disagreed with Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, including his position on regulating marriage between one man and one woman and his stance on marijuana.  But she doesn't even know if he will be her opponent in the race.  He has to win the nomination of his party and so does Tallian.  

She says the first thing she is going to do, if elected Attorney General, is remove Indiana from the lawsuit to declare the Affordable Health Care act unconstitutional.  
Tallian will learn at the convention whether or not she has the nomination of the Indiana Democratic Party. The IDEMs state convention is set for June of 2020.

Here is the full conversation between Indiana State Senator Karen Tallian and Lakeshore Public Radio Reporter/Show Host, Sharon Jackson.