Strack's Closes Four Stores, Including One In Merrillville

Mar 3, 2017

Vice President of Human Resources Derek Kinney said the supermarket chain was shutting down the decades-old Merrillville location. Also included in the closure are four Illinois stores, including a Strack and Van Til and an Ultra in Chicago. He said it was a difficult choice the company had to make because these locations couldn't meet quota, and their leases were soon up. 

Kinney stated that they're "very saddened having to do this," and he continued to thank Strack and Van Til customers for their support, and workers for their hard work. 

Somewhere around 460 workers at the closing supermarkets will lose their jobs. Kinney also explains that the company is trying to relocate as many employees as possible into other nearby Strack and Van Til stores.