Talking with former Crown Point girl's hoops coach Tom May

Feb 8, 2018

Only three coaches from Northwest Indiana have led their team's the multiple high school basketball state titles.  Can you name them?  (Jeopardy music starts OK, times up. One is Marvin Rea with Bowman, the only boys coach to do it.  The other two are Bobbie Dekemper of EC Roosevelt featuring debatably the greatest girl's player in region, if not state history in Latanya Pollard (two state titles and Miss Basketball) and our guest today on Lakeshore Sports 219.  The difference between Crown Point girl's coach Tom May and the other two coaches mentioned is that May's Bulldogs won back to back titles.  How did the Bulldogs get that done?  May will answer that for you. 

Two time State championship coach Tom May.