"TALKING SIXTIES" with Sixties Author TOM LISANTI & Sixties Actress ARLENE CHARLES

Apr 10, 2017

This “A LOOK AT THE ARTS with Tom Lounges” program originally aired Friday, April 7, 2017

GUESTS:  Author TOM LISANTI Sixties Actress & Beauty Queen CHARLIE SMITH

The guest of this program is TOM LISANTI, an award-winning author/film historian of nine books about Sixties Hollywood specializing in movies.  Tom began writing professionally in 1998 and has interviewed close to 100 actresses and actors for his series of books, that include popular sellers "Hollywood Beach and Surf Movies: The First Wave, 1959-1969" and "Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema."

Lisanti 's  newest book is -- "TALKING SIXTIES DRIVE IN MOVIES" -- of which the title says it all!  Were you catching the latest beach movies or Elvis flicks back in the day at your favorite neighborhood Drive-In Theater?  Then you will want to check out his latest book; chock full of stars you saw up on the silver screen between handfuls of popcorn and backseat smooching.

Joining Lisanti on this program is one of those bikini beauties from back in the day -- CHARLIE SMITH -- a Northwest Indiana native professionally was known then as "ARLENE CHARLES."   Arlene was always popping up in hit TV shows and films at that time, alongside top stars like ELVIS PRESLEY, JAMES STACY, FRANKIE AVALON, THE MONKEES and VINCENT PRICE, to name but a few!  

Charlie was also the wife of '60s Hall of Fame rocker MIKE SMITH of THE DAVE CLARK FIVE and has hung out with many top musicians -- BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, TOM JONES, PAUL SCHAFFER, PETER NOONE, etc. over the years -- as well as famous Hollywood stars! 

A few vintage Sixties pop tunes from Elvis, Dave Clark Five and The Surfaris are also featured in this show along with the interviews.

Listeners had opportunities during this original broadcast to "call in to win" copies of  "TALKING SIXTIES DRIVE IN MOVIES" -- autographed by both Lisanti and Smith!