Tourism Already Up At Indiana Dunes National Park

May 29, 2019

Park rangers and Executive Director of Indiana Dunes Tourism, Lorelei Weimer, pose with their handmade sign showing Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore's new designation as a national park. Pictured from left to right are Park Guide Ryan Koepke, Park Guide Jean-Pierre Anderson, Co-chief of Interpretation Bruce Rowe, Weimer, and in front holding the sign, Co-chief of Interpretation and Park Guide, Kelly Caddell.
Credit Provided by, Ryan Koepke / Indiana Dunes National Park

NORTHWEST INDIANA - Indiana Dunes National Park has not been a national park for even a year, but tourism is up significantly.  

Lorelei Weimer, Executive Director of Indiana Dunes Tourism says this year there is nothing other than the designation of Indiana Dunes as a national park that would be driving that number up.  

Weimer talked to Lakeshore Public Radio Reporter/Show Host Sharon Jackson about what the volunteers have been seeing at the visitor center.