Tritch Pushes Banks For Debates

Aug 6, 2018

Democratic Indiana 3rd District House candidate Courtney Tritch said at the beginning of her campaign she wanted to challenge Representative Jim Banks to six debates before November’s midterm.

Despite Banks’ team saying he “looks forward to debating Ms. Tritch” on primary night in May, no debates have been scheduled.


With three months until the November midterms and news stations attempting to schedule numerous debates in accordance with the U.S. House schedule, Tritch says Banks has not confirmed a single date.


Tritch amended her debate request from six to four, and insisted a debate schedule be finalized by Wednesday, August 15.


Banks responded via his spokesman late Monday afternoon.


"Congressman Banks looks forward to debating Ms. Tritch and plans are in the works with multiple media outlets to host these debates as she well knows. The more voters hear the contrast between Ms. Tritch’s radical socialist, pro-abortion and pro-amnesty views and Congressman Banks’ effective and consistent conservative record the more likely the Congressman will see another landslide election victory in November. 

 Unlike Ms. Tritch, Congressman Banks has a family and a job and that job is serving the people of northeast Indiana. As we’ve said before, there will be plenty of opportunity to debate at the appropriate time."