Trump Protesters Say The President Fails To Protect Blue Collar Workers

Aug 31, 2018

President Donald Trump again sought to position himself as protecting U.S. jobs from being outsourced during a Thursday evening speech in Evansville. Speaking to thousands at his rally, Trump says his administration has brought jobs back that were outsourced during former President Barack Obama’s presidency.

“What we did to our companies and to our jobs, we should be ashamed of our leadership, but not this leadership because we’re bringing them back,” Trump says.

However, workers from several manufacturing industries stood outside the facility holding signs saying he’s not keeping that promise.

John White worked at Honeywell Aerospace in South Bend for 41 years before retiring ten years ago. He says while the company is getting billions in government contracts and recently-passed tax breaks, he’s lost his health insurance and is concerned good-paying jobs are moving to Turkey.

“So they’re trying to take our unions and continue to break us down from what Ronald Reagan started with the air traffic controllers,” says White. “So they’re try to stop us from having a good livelihood by attacking our money.”

White, feels at the moment, Trump is not following through with his promise to protect blue collar workers.

“So we feel like the administration is attacking the working man,” he says. “Trying to prevent us from having a good life.”

The activist group Good Jobs Nation also brought protestors with similar concerns to Evansville from companies such as General Motors and Harley-Davidson.