Unique Challenges For Minority Business Owners

Jun 7, 2021

Credit Lagos Techie / Unsplash

Being a business owner is challenging, and minority business owners face their own set of unique obstacles when running their business. From access to education to equity, there are several systemic barriers that make being a minority business owner challenging.

Today we talk to leaders and minority business owners about their personal experiences, and what they’re doing to promote an environment that can build up minority-owned businesses in Indiana.

Produced by Micah Yason.


Rupal Thanawala
Managing Director, Trident Systems

Kathy Cabello
President and CEO, Cabello Associates

Terry Morris
President, National BDPA; Board Member, Martin University

Bill Turner
CEO, Skillful Indiana

John Thompson
President, Board of Indiana Chamber; Board Member, Indiana Economic Development Corporation; CEO, Thompson Distribution Company