US Steel Reports Discoloration in Local Waterway

Aug 20, 2019

Dead fish at Burns Waterway after ArcelorMittal Spill August of 2019.
Credit John Luke, AP / AP

NORTHWEST INDIANA - For the second time in two weeks a Northwest Indiana steel company has dumped toxins into a Lake Michigan tributary.

U.S. Steel has reported a discharge of oil Tuesday into the Burns Waterway.  According to the "Times," U.S. Steel reported the discharge after it discovered discoloration in an outfall in the waterway Tuesday morning.  The company said it immediately took samples and contacted local authorities.

The company is currently working to find the source of the discharge and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management is investigating.

Just last week ArcelorMittal took responsibility for the release of cyanide and ammonia, into the Little Calumet River at higher-than-permitted levels.  It caused the death of thousands of fish, closures of some of the beaches at Indiana Dunes National Park and precautions at a water facility.