Utilities Want to Recoup Losses During COVID From Customers

May 28, 2020

NORTHWEST INDIANA - NIPSCO and other investor-owned gas and electric utilities want to recoup revenue it lost during the COVID-19 pandemic from its customers.

The "Times" reports the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission is going to review the utilities' request.

Several utilities including NIPSCO, Duke Energy Indiana, and Indiana Michigan Power Co. and several others told the state they suffered financially because the commercial business dropped significantly, more consumers couldn't pay their utility bills, and they were no longer able to discontinue service after Indiana temporarily banned shutoffs through June 30 due to the public health crisis.

The utilities are asking the state to let them itemize how much their revenue fell and expenses went up during the coronavirus pandemic so they could potentially charge customers for energy they were expected to, but did not, use.

The IURC will review the request of investor-owned utilities for financial relief, and will consider a request from the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor to protect ratepayers and consider the impact of COVID-19 on utility service.