Young Meets With VA Officials To Discuss Veteran Wait Times

Oct 12, 2017

U.S. Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.) met with federal Veterans Administration officials to discuss the long waits many veterans face to have claims processed, and says he wants to work directly with the office to make significant changes.

Young says the amount of time veterans have to wait for a claim to be processed is around two years and appeals take even longer.

“One veteran that we discussed today has been on appeal for almost 10 years,” he says.

After sitting down with regional VA leaders Thursday, he says that case has finally been resolved but that it shouldn’t take a lawmaker’s intervention to help get a claim processed. Young says a new federal law may help.

“There is new legislation in place to help these government employees better serve our veterans, that legislation will finally be implemented early next year,” Young says.

Young says the problems stem from personnel issues and outdated management processes.