Art on the Air

Sundays at 7 PM
  • Hosted by Larry A Brechner
  • Local Host Ester Golden

ART ON THE AIR is an hour-long radio show that opens with a short Spotlight Interview about local art events in Northwest Indiana's three county area, then continues with a long-form Feature Interview. Guests include individual artists, photographers, gallery owner/curators, festival sponsors, authors, musicians, the shakers and movers in NW Indiana, Chicago and beyond discussing the art, theater, and the music scene, plus much more.  Hosts are Larry A Brechner, long-time musical theater director, photographic artist, and arts organization board member, and Ester Golden, artist and gallery owner of The Nest in Michigan City.

ART ON THE AIR is made possible by the Indiana Arts Commission, South Shore Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Ways to Connect

This week on ART ON THE AIR features Bradley Williard an expert in the field of breath and voice - creator of Unlock Your Breath. Next we have the artistic director of the radio drama, Half Hour Audio Hour podcast, Andrew Pond, discussing the next original radio drama

Our Spotlight is on the activities of the Porter County Library with its director, Jessie Butz.

This week on ART ON THE AIR features an artist Karla Staley creating Handbags with Attitude from recycled items called, Bagitude! Next we feature Indianapolis based, tree-hugging ceramics artist Jennifer Meeker creating pieces inspired from nature.

Our Spotlight is on Local Jazz legend, Billy Foster discussing his free online big band history classes from IU Northwest.

This week on ART ON THE AIR features Wisconsin Northwoods writer, editor, teacher, director, actress, improviser, photographer, Parker Sterling, discussing her creative ventures. Next we have the creator of artisan cooking utensils using exotic woods, Tom O Reed. 

Our Spotlight is with Kelly Freeman discussing IAC Grant Application process for fiscal year 2022.

ART ON THE AIR features Yoga instructor and wearable art designer Becky Morcarski of BeMo Designs describing her unique creations that features a crocheted piece. Next Lauren Pacheco and Wendy Marciniak discuss IUN School of Art’s February pop-up exhibit at Chesterton Art Center.

Our Spotlight is with Becky Jascoviak talking about directing the Geneisus Guild online production of "Galampolozza."

This week on ART ON THE AIR features Peter Gaona, the creator of the Reformed School that combines art, fashion, using eco friendly materials to create unique items you can wear and for your home. Next we have emerging musician Silvia Josefina with her newly released album of all original music, In the Now.

Our Spotlight is with Bill Hallier discussing the 2021 NW Indiana Poetry Showcase a juried event for all ages.

Cedar Lake Librarian Melissa Nowak discussing the many virtual programs from all over the country available to their patrons.

This week on ART ON THE AIR features East Chicago born Jefferson Award-winning actress Sybyl Walker, who has appeared on and off Broadway, in several television network series, who is also a playwright and poet, and now creates her own wearable art.

Our Spotlight is with Cedar Lake Librarian Melissa Nowak discussing the many virtual programs from all over the country available to their patrons.

This week on ART ON THE AIR features Chicago Danz Theatre’s Founder, Ellyzabeth Adler, discussing her multidisciplinary performance art form.  Next we feature Gary, Indiana singer songwriter, Kerry James Junior “KJ” - talking about his music.  Our Spotlight is with Dunes Summer Theatre Artistic Director Tito Sanchez-Williams announcing auditions for their summer season.

ART ON THE AIR features Award-winning Nashville-based Singer-songwriter Annemarie Picerno, whose musical style is diverse, incorporates country, pop, blues, soul, and rock along with her signature powerful vocal style and thought provoking lyrics talks abut her upcoming album.

Our Spotlight is with Michigan City Library Youth Specialist, Jonathan Lovett updating on happenings for young people including their Dungeons and Dragons.

This week on ART ON THE AIR features Monica Pasqual, Known for two decades as a member of Blame Sally. She is a Bay Area folk-pop singer-songwriter, using much of her previous recorded work with this, her sixth solo album, adding ten more songs that speak from both painful experience and optimistic resistance.

Our Spotlight is with Art Barn Executive Director Amy Navardaukas updating what is happening in the new year with exhibits, classes, and even plans for Art Blizt.

This New Year’s weekend on ART ON THE AIR features a mosaic artist, Robin Brailsford, who creates large award-winning and complex public art projects for more than two decades, and is a pioneer in the field and co-inventor of LithoMosaic process for setting mosaics in monolithic concrete. Our Spotlight is with Chesterton Art Center president Wendy Marciniak updating about the current member show running thru January 13th and upcoming classes at the center.

This week on ART ON THE AIR features Emmy nominated television host, Whitney Reynolds whose passion for people has inspired her to create a show that is a safe space for delicate life stories and is seen on Lakeshore PBS.

Next we have region radio personality, music journalist, entertainment promoter, founder of Midwest Beat magazine, Tom Lounges who produces and hosts Midwest Beat on Lakeshore Public Radio twice a week.

This week on ART ON THE AIR features Dunes Art Foundation leadership Elise Kermani and Tito Sanchez-Williams about their holiday plans. Next we feature Isabelle Gougenheim who creates eye-catching luxury silk scarves with colorful artworks and images. Our Spotlight is with Dungeon Master, Dustin Richea talking about Roll Seekers, a live Dungeons and Dragons tabletop role-playing show on Twitch.

This week on ART ON THE AIR our whole show features a conversation with film / video producer, director, musician and much more, Velvy Appleton, who shares the details of his over 30 year career.  Our Spotlight is with Eve Wiezbicki discussing the release of the 2021 Dig The Dunes calendar featuring the work of regional photographers.


This week on ART ON THE AIR features Theater at The Center’s Head of Production Ann Davis discussing her theater career plus her own plans for 2021.  Next Dunes Art Foundation leadership Elise Kermani and Tito Sanchez-Williams about their holiday plans. Our Spotlight is with Tim King discussing LaPorte County Symphony Orchestra’s Holiday Pops concert in December.

This week on ART ON THE AIR features Barbara Meeker discussing her over sixty year career as an artist and art educator plus her recent retrospective exhibit.  Next we talk to the founders of the Decay Devils about their mission to explore and preserve abandoned buildings and landmarks.Our Spotlight is with Tom Byelick and Michele Piskol about their new video podcast – Straight Out of Tomfoolery.

This week on ART ON THE AIR  our show features husband wife writers, Janine Harrison, the former poet laureate for Highland, Indiana, and Michael Poore, a short story writer and novelist along with their digital artist daughter Jianna and their creative family life together. Our Spotlight is with Suzy Vance and Nancy Schwab, the new gift shop manager for The Depot Gallery and Museum in Beverly Shores going virtual during 2020.

This week on ART ON THE AIR our whole show features a gifted Veena artiste, Sara Ranganathan  who likes blending her world music together with other musical forms. Our Spotlight is with Fiber Artist who paints Suzy Vance who is discussing her new solo exhibit at Marshall J. Gardner Center for the Arts in Miller running the entire month of November.

This week on ART ON THE AIR (11/6 & 11/8) we have the founders of the Regional Performing Arts Company, Benjamin and Katelyn Leonard-White discussing their youth theater program, next we interview the new conductor for the Elkhart Symphony Orchestra, Dr Soo Han. Our Spotlight features Duneland YMCA’s 2020 Dancing Like The Stars event that’s going virtual this year.

This week on ART ON THE AIR we have folklorist photographer, Kay Westhues, whose work concerns a study of rural practices and places by using: photography, videography, and audio recordings documenting the ethnography of rural traditions and histories and how they are interpreted and transformed in the present day. Our Spotlight is with Duneland Photography Club president, Steve Bensing discussing the club’s and his own fall time activities.

This week on ART ON THE AIR our whole show features the LaPorte County Symphony Orchestra first with Chuck Steck, a music educator, who serves as its principal trumpet and interim music director. Next conductor, performer, and Hope College Assistant Professor of Music, Christopher Fashun, who will be guest conducting there. Our Spotlight is with Symphony Executive Director Tim King discussing their November 7th American Songbook Concert kicking off their 2020-21 season.

This week on ART ON THE AIR We feature watercolor, mixed media artist, graphic fashion designer and musical artist manager, Lee Bauman who just illustrated a new book Go Jo! (to be released in November).  Our Spotlight is with Becky Jascoviak of Northwest Indiana Excellence in Theatre Foundation discussing their annual gala that is going virtual this year.

This week on ART ON THE AIR our Second Anniversary show features Globe-trotting, South African, classically-trained flutist, whose focus is on World and Roots music. “ Flute Painter” Wouter Kellerman, is an award winning, composer, producer, whose 2014 album Winds of Samsara won the Best New Age Album Grammy Award, and numerous other awards. Our Spotlight is with Dustin Richea and film maker Thad Donovan discussing a fundraising première at the 49er Drive-In of the new documentary, Indiana Dunes: Nature’s Masterpiece.

This week on ART ON THE AIR our 100th episode features South Shore Arts Executive Director, John Cain, discussing his nearly 30 year career at its helm. Next we talk with Chicago based physician Kuhn Hong whose dramatic works as an artist are now being produced from his Michigan City Studio. Our Spotlight is with weaver Chris Acton discussing National Spinning and Weaving week including her own move into full time weaving.

This week on ART ON THE AIR our entire show features New York City based artist, Sadie Bridger, who by using photography, sculpture, and other unique art offerings creates her own unique artistic statement. Our Spotlight is with Edwin Shelton and Kuhn Hong discussing a 3-day Plein Aire artist-in-residence event at St Mary’s Angela House, a convent converted into an artist hostel in Michigan City

This week on ART ON THE AIR  We feature folk-pop artist Lisa Sniderman, Aoede, and her new The Grieving Project release, then cellist Josh McClain with Somatic Movement therapist Rosario Sammartino.

Our Spotlight is with Trisha Hernandez of South Shore Arts discussing their upcoming virtual Beaux Arts Ball also heard Wed (9/16) on Lakeshore Public Radio.

This week on Art on the Air, we feature Airbrush mural Artist Marco Salazar, next Plein Aire dunescape artist Ginny Takacs, and finally Chicago tour guide and author Adam Seltzer.  Our Spotlight is focused on nerd-rock singer Captain Ambivalent discussing his virtual show featuring his favorite characters.

This week on Art on the Air, we feature Rick Levine founder of the Improv Therapy Group, Chicago’s ACT ONE book store, and theater industry newspaper PerformInk. Next we have Chicago-based custom jewelry designer Sue Rosengard discussing her contemporary geometric shaped jewelry. Our Spotlight is on Lakeshore Community Concerts with president Carolyn Borchardt discussing cancellation of their current season and plans for next season.

This week on Art on the Air, we feature a special interview with three local art teachers about their return to teaching under Covid-19. Next we talk to artist and author Jessie Johnson and his self-taught journey in art.

This week on Art on the Air we feature Boston based vocalist, author, attorney, and stroke awareness advocate – Valerie Giglio with the release of her new single "RIO" – next mechanical motion kinetic Sculptor, author and photographer/videographer, Gary Justis.

This week on Art on the Air, music producer, composer (including numerous famous jingles), and virtuoso Guitarist Les Fradkin, who is also an innovator on the Starr Labs Ztar, plus he was in the Original Cast as George Harrison in the 1970s mega-hit Broadway show, "Beatlemania.”

Our Spotlight is with Dave Mueller of Hammond’s Paul Henry's Art Gallery telling about their famous Thursday Night Acoustic Jam now seen virtually.