Building Northwest Indiana

  • Local Host Kevin Comerford, Dewey Pearman, Dr. James J. Arendas

This week on "Building Northwest Indiana" Jacob Lenson, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Campus Planning at Purdue Northwest, sits down with host Kevin Comerford to discuss the newest building at Purdue Northwest's Hammond Campus. Listen in as they discuss construction planning strategy, budget, timeline and the benefits it will bring to the Northwest Indiana campus.


Building Northwest Indiana makes its radio debut on Lakeshore Public Radio. Kevin Comerford talks with Dewey Pearman and Dr. James J. Arendas about their roles in the Construction Advancement Foundation (CAF).

MERRILLVILLE— Lakeshore Public Radio is partnering with the Construction Advancement Foundation of Northwest Indiana (CAF) for a new on-air feature called “Building Northwest Indiana Radio,” providing listeners with insights into the northwest Indiana construction industry.