Let's Eat, With Chef Nick

Friday @ 3 PM
  • Local Host Chef Nick

"Let's Eat, With Chef Nick" celebrates the world of food in Northwest Indiana. Chef Nick brings in a diverse group of eateries and drinkeries in the Region, celebrating all of the tastes of the Region. Join Chef Nick and his guests, along with "All Things Considered Host" Sharon Jackson.

You can be part of the conversation, and WIN giftcards, when you call-in at 219-769-9577.

Ways to Connect

Let's Eat: Anderson Winery

Jan 14, 2018


Join Chef Nick as he drinks with Anderson Winery on this edition of "Let's Eat" 

Let's Eat: Tapas International Grill

Jan 12, 2018

Join Chef Nick as he eats some great food from Tapas International Grill out of Crown Point on this edition of "Let's Eat "