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"Midwest BEAT with Tom Lounges" is a weekly radio program all about music and the people who make it. The show's mission is to promote and expose regional and national artists of various styles and genres. Especially when they have roots in the Midwest/Chicagoland area, or will be performing in the Chicagoland region.

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Come check out the best artists from the ages in the Chicago and NWI Music scenes from your own Region Radio Host Tom Lounges!

Veteran country music singer/songwriter/guitarist BERNIE GLIM will guest with host Tom Lounges in-studio with his guitar in hand to perform some brand new songs and perhaps spin a song or two from his last album.

It's has been a long time since Glim and Lounges have gotten together on the radio and there is much ground to cover. Among the topics will be Bernie's live performance this weekend, the loss of a close friend, the evolution of his music and what the future holds for this much respected Midwest recording and performing artist.

Regional music group, REGGAE EXPRESS, will be bringing the summer sounds of the islands to my radio studio tomorrow while guesting on "Midwest BEAT with Tom Lounges"

Join us to see how some artist are dealing with the new climate of the pandemic is affecting their time as a music artist on this very special Covid related episode of Midwest Beat!

Join Tom Lounges as he chats to the guy who brought you the greats from the 80's classic "Dirty Dancing". Franke Previte joins us in the studio to discuss his old but NEW song "One World" and how it came to fruition on this very speical edition of Midwest Beat!

Americana singer/songwriter Tom Sless joins us in the studio for our first hour on this special edition of Midwest Beat!

God Bless Charlie Daniels!   Thank you Charlie for the many interviews, the opportunity to emcee some of your local shows, and your many kindnesses over the decades.  You leave behind a legacy of great music, good works and great memories for so many.  You touched and impacted many, many lives.

 Charlie Daniels -- A Life Well Lived

Danielia Cotton calls into the studio to discuss how her music is relevent to today's climate and how listening to generations past can help us learn in the future. All this on today's special episode of Midwest Beat!

This edition of “MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges” was originally broadcast  TUESDAY, JULY 7th @ 7pm CST on 89.1FM-The Lakeshore


West Coast Blues artist VAL STARR.  Tune in to talk COVID life for music makers and hear a couple of COVID-quarantine inspired new songs that came out of the experience on this special edition of Midwest Beat!


"Midwest BEAT with Tom Lounges" welcomed Chicagoland R&B vocalist/band leader Robby Celestin (Final Say, TimePeace, etc.) into the studio while practicing social distancing, to talk about his quarter century career, his various recording projects and musical groups over the years, and the brand new acoustic-based project he is debuting for the first time just days after this show aired.

This edition of "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" was originally broadcast on MAY 12, 2020 on 89.1FM-Lakeshore Public Radio 

GUEST: JOSEPH S. PETE (Journalist/Book Author)

On April 13, 2020, Times business journalist Joseph S. Pete released his new book, "Lost Hammond" (Arcadia Publishing/History Press),  a reflective look back at places one  who grew up in Northwest Indiana might have known, places you might have forgotten, and even places you probably never even knew existed.

This edition of  "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on 89.1FM-Lakeshore Public Radio on TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2020.


Brent Clifford

This edition of  "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 2020


Guest:  DOUG "COSMO" CLIFFORD of Creedence Clearwater Revival & Creedence Clearwater Revisited

This edition of  "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 2020 

Stephen is a music historian and professor at Delaware Valley University who specializes in rock 'n' roll and 20th Century America. In this latest effort, Tow weaves together information given to him by over 90 musicians; many who were movers-and-shakers of the 1960s era. These pages uncover the uniquely British story of classic rock’s birth.

This edition of  "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2020 

This edition of  "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2020 

Come join Tom Lounges with the guys from Switchback live in honor of St. Patrick's Day!

Join Tom Lounges as he spends two great hours with the even greater Liz Mandeville to chat about her new album and her latest influences all on this edition of Midwest Beat!

The lovely women of Motown join us to talk about how their group originated, how they honor the greats from that legendary label, and discuss the genre that is Motown and Soul Music all in this episode of Midwest Beat!

This edition of  "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2020  

Guest:  KEITH JACKSON of Triple Dose

This Edition of "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired in December 2010 on 89.1FM-Lakeshore Public Radio.

TOPIC:   Tom Lounges' "Top 10 Regional Albums" of 2019

This edition of  "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, 2020  


Brad Toth and Richard Dean of "Thrill of the Hunt" join Tom Lounges on Midwest Beat to talk about collectibles and how nostalgia is alive an well!

"Almost Heaven: John Denver's America"  written and adapted by Peter Glazer and directed by Linda Fortunato, is a musical tribute and intimate celebration of John Denver's life and career. We have Steven Romero Schaeffer & Sarah Geist in studio to talk about thier roles and Linda Fortunato via phone on this edition of Midwest Beat! 

Shane Evans tells us upcoming events from the up and coming Hobart Art Theatre and how its evolved over the years from a movie theatre, to a full fledged concert venue on Midwest Beat!

Eric Lambert and Char this Sunday January 12th! Hear them on the show live with Tom Lounges!

BritBeat come to the Hobart Art Theatre! Come see a truly one of a kind Beatles experience where they blend multimedia with live music to create a museum of performance that you don't want to miss!