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A weekly program dedicated to Hammond’s legendary radio raconteur, Jean Shepherd. He’s best known these days for writing and narrating “A Christmas Story.” From the 1950s through 1970s, Shepherd hosted a nightly radio broadcast – usually an extemporaneous monologue – that was and is unlike anything else on the radio. Ryan Priest digs into the Shepherd radio archives every week for a captivating hour from the master storyteller.

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If you're looking to impress the target of your affection, you must have a plan.  In this program from March 29, 1977; Shep details his preparation for the perfect tryst.

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A Jersey Devil is more than just a hockey player.  In this program from March 22, 1977; Shep explains the legend of the Garden State's mythical monster.

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What's it like to spend a week frozen in a block of ice?  In this program from March 15, 1969; Shep describes what happened to him during an unforgettable radio stunt.

Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Nathan Burke / U.S. Navy

Shep has some trivia from around the world for his audience.  In this program from March 8, 1972; he shares memories from his travels and talks about a friend's encounter with a kamikaze pilot aboard a Navy aircraft carrier.  

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Young Jean and the gang take up the sport of kings...if you're royalty on Cleveland Street.  In this program from March 1, 1973; we hear about Shep's foray into cockroach racing.

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Shep's inner coward comes out when he's presented with the chance to own a piece of baseball history.  In this program from April 23, 1973; he tell us what he failed to buy and how that came back to haunt him.

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Are condominiums just housing developments?  Or are they something more insidious?  In this program from February 16, 1976; Shep is in Florida looking at the people who live the condo lifestyle.

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What is the human body actually worth?  In this program from February 1972, Shep recalls some of the information he once learned in a physiology class.

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Who was a better representative of the average working man?  Ralph Kramden or Archie Bunker?  In this program from February 2, 1973; Shep compares the two popular blowhards.

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Shep shares one of his favorite stories from Hoosier author George Ade.  Also in this program from November 26, 1974; Shep has a way to help New Yorkers to adjust to life outside of the city.

"Oz" (January 19, 2020)

Jan 19, 2020
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There was more to the Land of Oz than most people realize.  In this program from January 19, 1976; Shep quizzes listeners on one of his favorite childhood books.

U.S. Air Force

Digging around the WOR archives has led to some discoveries about the station's past.  In this program from January 7, 1974; Shep demonstrates what the station sounded like when it first went on the air.

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Not all hobbies take up a lot of space.  In this program from January 5, 1976; Shep discovers a man whose collection can be kept on a notepad.

When friends give Shep the gift of an "adult" radiator ornament, he wonders what to do with it.  In this program from December 29, 1972; he ponders the possibilties and pitfalls of regifting.

As part of his effort to promote his book, "The Ferrari in the Bedroom," Shep made a number of appearances on other radio shows.  He visited Alex Bennett on WPLJ-FM on December 22, 1972 to talk about the book, life in New York City, and even take a few phone calls.

Young Jean and his buddies built the mother of all model airplanes.  In this program from December 15, 1972; Shep details the Flying Quaker from assembly to take-off.

What caused a Hammond streetlight to mysteriously explode?  In this program from December 8, 1972; Shep makes a confession.

Pvt. Shepherd and some of his fellow soldiers receive a pass to go into town.  In this program from December 1, 1970; he tells us everything was going fine...until the Southern Comfort kicked in.

A West Coast listener sent in a notice for an auction at a Hollywood studio known for Western movies.  In this program from November 17, 1969; Shep goes over what's for sale and why it's an important part of modern history.

Reliving historic battles is a popular hobby for many history buffs.  In this program from November 17, 1971; Shep reads a story about a group of enthusiasts who even keep their rivalry going off the battlefield.

Shep is dusting off the old records in his office and finds one worth sharing.  In this program from November 10, 1972; he plays an ode to the Big Apple  performed by someone who hasn't been totally jaded by it...yet.

Shep spent a lot of time in late 1972 promoting his book, "The Ferrari in the Bedroom".  This week's show features a November 3, 1972, appearance on WABC-TV's "AM New York" hosted by John Bartholomew Tucker.

Everyone wants to give advice, but they're not always willing to take it.  In this program from October 27, 1971; Shep has tales of some of the professional advice listeners have sent him.

Shep recently visited the northern outpost of Nome, Alaska, for his upcoming television series.  In this program from October 1970, he shares some of the sounds and flavor of the community with his listeners.

Shep sometimes had to make the rounds of local talk shows to promote his work.  This October 13, 1972, edition of "The Joe Franklin Show" on WOR-TV features Shep talking about his upcoming appearance at Carnegie Hall.

A story about a Connecticut man renowed for his ability to break windows leads Shep to remember his own run in with shattered glass.  In this program from October 6, 1972; he explains exactly what happened.

What makes a joke "practical"?  In this program from September 22, 1969; Shep describes a joke played on his commanding officer that led to better times for his fellow soldiers.

A blood curdling scream coming from an office on Sixth Avenue brought back memories for Shep.  In this program from September 22, 1972; he tells the story of his trip to the dentist.

What's the easiest way for a soldier to get the rest of his company ticked off at him?  Shep tells listeners how he did it in this program from September 15, 1969.

Listeners in the Garden State are writing in to ask Shep to stop saying nasty things about where they call home.  In this program from September 8, 1969; he takes time to run down all of the good things New Jersey has to offer.