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Regionally Speaking, January 6, 2023

Regionally Speaking January 6, 2023
The rising cost of healthcare coverage.

Today: Hoosiers have some of the highest healthcare costs in the nation despite its overall low cost of living, lower taxes and below average salaries. In 2020 Indiana legislators passed a bill that created a claims database and established a hospital price transparency tool in hopes that Hoosiers could shop around for the best prices. But the needle hasn’t moved enough to generate savings. Additionally, the cost of health insurance can account for a large percentage of each paycheck leading many American households to implore elected officials to push for an alternative to private insurance like a single-payer healthcare system. Lakeshore Public Radio's Dee Dotson and Tom Maloney speak with representatives from NWI Medicare for All about a the results of a poll they presented to Congressman Frank Mrvan that show support for national insurance. All of that on this edition of Regionally Speaking…

As co-host and producer of Regionally Speaking, Dee is responsible for connecting with northwest Indiana community newsmakers to share their stories with the Lakeshore Public Radio listening audience. She believes in the power of storytelling to engage, teach and change lives. Prior to working at Lakeshore Public Radio, Dee enjoyed giving her time, talent, and resources to various community organizations. Dee believes in servant leadership. Her favorite quote is "Leadership is service not position." by Tim Fargo.
As Vice President of Radio Operations, Tom is responsible for overseeing Lakeshore Public Radio. He oversees the radio station’s programming, as well as news. He was instrumental in bringing several different genres of music to Lakeshore Public Radio.