2018 Midterm Elections

Find out what's happening in the U.S. Senate race, along with local races in Northwest Indiana with coverage from Lakeshore Public Radio, as well as Indiana Public Broadcasting News.

Today:   Lake County Coronor Merilee Frey spoke to a local group about the area's opioid crisis and we bring you the conversation we had with her after the meeting. A little later in the program, we have another new Indiana state legislator from northwest Indiana -- State Rep. Carolyn Jackson (D-1), who defeated Libertarian Party candidate Donna Dunn in the Nov. 6 general election to represent residents of sections of Hammond and Whiting.  She talks about the issues she raised during the campaign that got her elected, many of which she says came from residents she spoke with.

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Today:   Lake County Surveyor Bill Emerson Jr joins us to talk about the work that his drainage crews've done in clearing away more debris this summer and autumn that was clogging some of the county's drainage ditches.  His department is responsible for managing more than 600 miles of waterways outside the cities and towns and in unincorporated Lake County townships.  Cleaner ditches means less possibility of flooding.  Emerson also says the efficient use of his crews saved taxpayers thousands of dollars this year.  Later, another conversation with a new member of the Lake County legislativ

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A national credit rating agency is lauding Indiana voters' ratification of a constitutional amendment that obligates the General Assembly to pass balanced budgets.

Moody's Investors Service deemed Indiana's new mandate as "credit positive" in its Weekly Credit Outlook that regularly reviews policy decisions that impact state and national government finance.

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — On a night Democrats nationwide rode a blue wave of opposition to President Donald Trump to pick up governorships and take control of the House, their momentum stalled in the red state of Indiana.

Instead, Republican Mike Braun's victory over the lone remaining Democrat elected statewide helped turn Indiana an even darker shade of crimson.

The multimillionaire auto parts magnate ousted Sen. Joe Donnelly, offering a strong indicator of where the state and its middle-of-the-road reputation could be headed politically.

Porter County Seeks FBI Probe of Election Woes

Nov 7, 2018

VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP) — Officials in a northwestern Indiana county plagued by vote counting delays are asking the FBI to investigate alleged violations of state election law.

Porter County's commissioners asked the FBI on Wednesday to investigate "scores of alleged violations of Indiana Election Law submitted by poll workers, voters and the public" that the commissioners had received.

Indiana Republicans Likely To Hold Supermajority In House

Nov 7, 2018

Election results are still coming in, but Republicans will likely hold on to their supermajority in the Indiana House. And a handful of districts will flip parties in the process.

House Democrats managed to flip three GOP seats in northwest Indiana and Lafayette. And one seat is still undecided, as Porter County results remain delayed.

But House Speaker Brian Bosma says the results won’t affect his caucus’s plan for the next legislative session.

Educators running for seats in the Indiana General Assembly for the most part fell short of enough votes on election night, but at least one teacher candidate plans to continue advocating for his school and community.

Porter County May Delay Election Results Again

Nov 7, 2018

VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP) — Officials in a northwestern Indiana county plagued by vote counting delays say the release of General Election results may face yet another delay.

Vote counting began Wednesday morning in Porter County after a mix of problems, including the need for 12 county polling sites to stay open late Tuesday after those sites failed to open on time. Officials initially said vote counting was expected to be completed by early Wednesday evening.

Indiana House Democrats Elect New Leadership

Nov 7, 2018
Rep. Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) is the new leader of the Indiana House Democratic Caucus. (Lauren Chapman/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Indiana House Democrats have new leadership a day after they picked up a few seats in the chamber.

The caucus made the change at a meeting Wednesday.

Rep. Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) is the new leader of the Indiana House Democratic caucus. He replaces Rep. Terry Goodin (D-Austin), who rose to the position a year ago.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has won re-election in Texas, the AP projects, beating back a strong challenge from Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke.

O'Rourke smashed fundraising records, raising more than $60 million for his bid, and generated lots of grassroots enthusiasm and national attention with his unconventional campaign. And while Democrats have argued for years that Texas was primed to turn blue with its growing Hispanic population, the GOP lean of the state was ultimately too much for O'Rourke to overcome.

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Republicans and Democrats will split control of Congress next year. House Democrats are projected to pick up enough GOP-held seats to take the majority in the House, according to The Associated Press. Senate Republicans are projected to maintain and perhaps expand their majority.

The results create a divided Capitol Hill next year and mean President Trump's plans for new tax cuts, tougher immigration legislation and changes to the Affordable Care Act will be blocked.

Updated at 11:37 p.m. ET

Ron DeSantis has won his race to become Florida's next governor, The Associated Press projects, derailing Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum's bid to become Florida's first black governor. The former Republican congressman's victory ends a nail-biter of a race between the two men, who by late Tuesday night remained separated by just 1 percentage point.

The win did not come easily.

Updated at 1:55 p.m. ET Thursday

With women making up only 20 percent of Congress, there are many types of women — especially women of color — who have never been represented on Capitol Hill. The record-breaking wave of female candidates in 2018 comes with a list of firsts among those women. Here's a list of some of those firsts, which we will keep updating as results come in.

Across the country, states are on track to overwhelmingly change the way elections are run.

In the ballot measures that passed Tuesday, voters in at least three states took the power to determine political boundaries away from state legislatures, while a similar proposition in Utah was too close to call. Voter registration deadlines could become a thing of the past in three states that are making it easier to take part in elections.

In a key ballot initiative, Florida will restore voting rights to citizens convicted of certain felonies after they have served their sentences, including prison terms, parole and probationary periods, AP has projected.

Voting rights will not be restored to those convicted of murder or felony sexual offenses.

Democrats made modest inroads against the GOP's commanding lead in governors' offices around the country after Tuesday's midterm elections. But two of their marquee candidates appear to have fallen short. And Republicans are projected to continue to hold power in the 2020 presidential battlegrounds of Florida and Ohio.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker lost his bid for a third term in Wisconsin.

As Election Day gave way to the early morning hours Wednesday, the bruising, often bitter race to become Georgia's next governor continued to defy a ready resolution. With nearly all votes counted, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp enjoyed a slim lead — but his defiant Democratic opponent, former state lawmaker Stacey Abrams, has vowed to push on in hopes of a runoff election.

House Democrats are promising to start 2019 with a familiar pledge: They want to drain the swamp.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who plans to run for speaker, announced Tuesday that Democrats plan to use their majority in the House to act as a check on President Trump and on corruption in Washington.

There are a lot of different ways to read the results from elections across the country Tuesday.

There will be lots of spin in the coming days about what it all means, but here are seven ways to cut through the noise and put what happened in context:

1. It was a Democratic wave in the House, and that is a very big deal.

Note: NPR will be updating these numbers as more results come in.

Updated at 10:44 a.m. ET Thursday

After Tuesday's elections, a record number of women will serve in Congress come January 2019.

With results still coming in, 98 women have won their House races as of early Wednesday morning, up from the current 84. In addition, at least 13 women won Senate seats. That's in addition to the 10 female senators who were not up for re-election this year.

This story was updated as of 6 p.m. Wednesday Nov. 7.

This was a midterm election in which both parties took some lumps, but could also take some satisfaction. And no one is better at taking satisfaction than President Trump.

The president began crowing long before dawn, when midterm election results were still rolling in, taking to Twitter at a moment when the tally was tilting his way.

Updated 3:10 p.m. ET

In an extraordinarily combative news conference Wednesday after voters delivered him a rebuke by giving control of the House to Democrats, President Trump went after Republicans, Democrats and the media.

He mocked Republican candidates who distanced themselves from him, chided a reporter for asking a "racist question" and walked away from the lectern at one point, as an aide tried to wrest a microphone out of a reporter's hands.

Updated at 5:25 p.m. ET

America's 116th Congress is going to include some prominent firsts — and several governors' races also made history in these midterms.

The U.S. has ushered in its first Native American and Muslim congresswomen, its first lesbian mom in Congress and the first openly gay man elected as a governor. South Dakota and Maine elected their first female governors, Tennessee and Arizona sent their first women to the Senate, and Massachusetts and Connecticut elected their first black women to the House.

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Midwest Voters Weigh In On Pot, The ACA And More

Nov 7, 2018
Lauren Chapman/Indiana Public Broadcasting News

Health care was a big campaign issue across the Midwest, and Tuesday's election results were mixed. Among the winners: medical marijuana.

Indiana’s 6th District will now be represented by Greg Pence.  It’s the same seat now Vice President Mike Pence held while in Congress.  The elder Pence beat a woman from Muncie that received national attention for her campaign, while calling out her opponent for not talking to media.  IPR’s Zoe Dwiggins reports.

“This is not the end for me.  I will take this as an opportunity to be a stepping stone to fight, because the bottom line is this: if we don’t fight, that means we’re going to give in to a cruel administration.”

Walorski Wins, Hall Boots Press In Indiana 2nd

Nov 7, 2018
Jennifer Weingart / WVPE Public Radio


Republican Incumbent Jackie Walorski held onto her seat by nearly 15 points over Democratic challenger Mel Hall.

Walorski addressed supporters at a watch party at The Vault at The Exchange in South Bend. “I’m absolutely thrilled to tell you tonight that because of your support and hard work we’ve won this race.”


Ford Becomes First Openly Gay State Senate Defeating Delph

Nov 6, 2018

Indiana’s 29th District was one of the few Indiana districts that turned blue. Republican state Sen. Mike Delph was defeated by Democratic challenger J.D. Ford.

Voters Approve Most School Funding Referenda

Nov 6, 2018

Most school corporations across the state with funding referenda on the ballot won approval from voters Tuesday night; only three school corporations’ measures failed.

Klutz Retains State Auditor's Office

Nov 6, 2018

Republican Tera Klutz has won her re-election campaign for state auditor.