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Photo provided by 3 Floyds Brewing Twitter page

On this edition of the podcast you’ll hear the latest on the closing of 3 Floyds brewpub, Brandon Smith reports Governor Eric Holcomb unveiled his agenda for 2021 and Chris Nolte has a conversation with the president and CEO of the Indiana Youth Institute President Tami Silverman. All of that, and more, on this edition of “Lakeshore Update”…

3 Floyds Brewpub to Remain Closed Permanently

Dec 16, 2020
3 Floyds / 3 Floyds

MUNSTER - A Northwest Indiana icon has decided to stay closed permanently.  

The "Times" reports 3 Floyds' owner Nick Floyd and his team has decided to permanently close its landmark brewpub in Munster, which has been a major draw to Northwest Indiana for years.

3 Floyds wrote in a letter to investors that the pandemic has not been kind to the restaurant industry including them.