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The U.S. Supreme Court ordered an appeals court to re-examine lawsuits involving two Indiana anti-abortion laws Thursday.

Lauren Chapman / IPB News

The Indiana Supreme Court rejected a petition from the ACLU of Indiana to release jail and prison inmates at risk of COVID-19.

ACLU Wants Some Inmates Released Amid COVID-19 Risks

Mar 30, 2020

The ACLU of Indiana wants the state to release some jail and prison inmates at risk from COVID-19.

ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Wabash County Jail

Feb 20, 2020

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana (ACLU) has filed a new lawsuit against an Indiana county jail.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of individuals incarcerated at Wabash County Jail and claims the jail is overcrowded, understaffed and unsanitary. ACLU of Indiana attorney Stevie Pactor says that violates the constitution.

The ACLU was in court Monday to ask a judge to prevent Indiana’s latest anti-abortion law from going into effect – it would largely ban the most common form of second trimester abortions from being performed in Indiana.

ACLU Sues Indiana Over Latest Anti-Abortion Law

Apr 25, 2019
ACLU of Indiana leadership discusses their latest abortion lawsuit against the state. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
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The ACLU of Indiana followed through Thursday on its threat to sue the state over the latest anti-abortion law.

The suit comes one day after Gov. Eric Holcomb signed the legislation into law.

Holcomb Signs Hate Crimes Protections Into Law

Apr 3, 2019

Gov. Eric Holcomb quietly signed into law Wednesday a bill that aims to create hate crimes protections.

ACLU of Indiana Legal Director Ken Falk and Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky President and CEO Christie Gillespie discuss their latest court victory. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Indiana’s Planned Parenthood and ACLU leaders celebrated their latest victory in court Thursday. And ACLU of Indiana Legal Director Ken Falk says such occasions have become “routine.”

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky and the ACLU of Indiana are cheering a recent decision halting a provision of a new Indiana abortion law from taking effect Sunday. A federal judge halted the law, saying it was likely too vague to enforce.

A lawsuit challenging Indiana's 2018 anti-abortion law marks the sixth suit Planned Parenthood has brought in federal court against the state since 2011. (Lauren Chapman/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU want a federal judge to strike down parts of Indiana’s new anti-abortion law.

The lawsuit challenges the 2018 law’s new abortion complication reporting requirements and mandated yearly inspections of abortion clinics. Under previous law, such inspections were optional.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky CEO Christie Gillespie, left, and ACLU of Indiana Legal Director Ken Falk discuss their latest legal victory over the state of Indiana in an abortion lawsuit. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Indiana Planned Parenthood and ACLU leaders cheered Friday another legal victory against the state’s anti-abortion laws.

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Community leaders and immigrant advocates gathered yesterday to voice concerns regarding CoreCivic’s proposal to build a hundred million dollar immigration detention center for Immigration Customs Enforcement in Elkhart County.

Community organizer Richard Aguirre says the event was intended to send not only a strong message of opposition to CoreCivic’s proposal and but also a message of unity amongst diverse segments of the community.

A federal judge permanently struck down key portions of Indiana’s controversial 2016 anti-abortion bill.

Women in Indiana no longer have to wait at least 18 hours between an ultrasound and an abortion after a recent court ruling halting part of last year’s controversial abortion law.