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Join Chef Nick as he tells some old sea tales with Mcgowan and Sons .  Great seafood, great drinks, great time. You don't wanna miss this seafaring episode of Let's Eat!

Let's Eat: Barque

Jul 17, 2020

Join Chef Nick as he chats with the smoke masters down at Burque BBQ! This conversation was a ton of fun and they brought some great food. Join the conversation on this special edition of Let's Eat with Chef Nick!

Let's Eat: Zombie Club

Jun 29, 2020

Chef Nick is BACK! Join Chef Nick as he chats with Trish, the owner of The Zombie Club out of Crown Point! Join the conversation of "Let's eat With Chef Nick!"

During these trying times, we’ve been restricting the amount of guests we have in the Lakeshore studios. However recently, we’ve been lucky enough, with the proper precautions, to have Chef Nick Back in the studio. Chef Nick got a chance to talk on the phone to touch base with a few fooderies and alcohol establishments, and how they are dealing with Covid. This Friday at 3 o'clock check out a special edition of Let’s Eat with Chef Nick right here on Lakeshore Public Radio 89.1 fm 

Photo by: Sharon Jackson / Chef Nick's Eatery

The Coronavirus is already having negative effects on small mom and pop eating establishments around the Region.