chief of staff to Chancellor Thomas Keon

Purdue University Northwest

Students who attended classes in the spring semester are mostly gone, but both Purdue University Northwest campuses in Hammond and Westville are far from deserted these days.  Chancellor Thomas Keon's chief of staff, Richard Rupp, was on "Regionally Speaking" on Tuesday to talk about what takes place during the summer months.  Here's what Professor Rupp told us about the activities and programs, and the opportunities to get the PNW campuses ready for the fall semester..

Purdue University Northwest

Today:   We ask Purdue University Northwest Chancellor's chief of staff Richard Rupp:  What happens on both the Hammond and Westville campuses during the summer months, after spring commencement and the end of classes and before a new academic year begins?  (You'll be surprised to learn that a lot happens.)

Purdue University Northwest - Hammond

A veteran Purdue University Northwest faculty member who has experience not only in the classroom and in research, but in heading up campus projects, is now putting his academic and service experience to work directly for the PNW administration.

Richard Rupp was recently named as chief of staff to PNW Chancellor Thomas Keon.  I had a chance to sit down with Professor Rupp in the Chancellor's Conference Room on the Hammond campus on Friday to talk, and here's what he told me.

Purdue University Northwest

Today:  A conversation with Richard Rupp, a Purdue University Northwest political scientist who's taken on the position of Chief of Staff to PNW Chancellor Thomas Keon.  We talk about his experiences on campus, including heading up projects that led to the opportunity to serve in a wider leadership capacity on both the Hammond and Westville campuses.