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Today:  Valparaiso Mayor Matt Murphy is back on "Regionally Speaking" to talk about his city: the latest action by the City Council to deal with issues like properties which become public nuisances -- in particular, too many police calls -- and establishment of the new Youth Council, along with updates on street repaving projects.  We also bring back our conversation with Foster Success president-CEO Maggie Stevens about a recent study and its report issued in partnership with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, on programs established at the state's public colleges and universities to assist students coming out of foster care who need help in finding enough to eat or a place to live, when they arrive on campus for the new school year.  

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Today:   Beth Shrader, the city of Valparaiso's planning and transit director, is on "Regionally Speaking" to talk about the just-released comprehensive housing market study.  We have a "Facebook scam alert" from the Indiana State Police, and northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer joins us to talk about a special anniversary observance. March 16th marks one year since the Dow Jones Industrial Average had its largest drop in history.  And NIRPC chief transportation planner Mitch Barloga tells us about the northwest Indiana recipients of the state’s second round of Next Level grants to trail projects, including the Veterans Memorial Trail and Marquette Greenway. 

Body Found in Snowbank in Valparaiso

Feb 17, 2021

VALPARAISO - Police say a man has been found dead in a snowbank in Valparaiso following this week’s snowstorm.  He has been identified, but the Porter County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday it cannot release his name or provide other information about him until his family is notified. The department says the case remains an “open investigation.” Porter County Coroner Cyndi Dykes says a Valparaiso property owner found the man’s body Tuesday evening in a snowbank, and an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday. /

VALPARAISO - It will likely be the end of October when the city of Valparaiso will know what will be done with the property on which the old W hite House Restaurant once stood.

Brandon Dickinson, Director of Redevelopment for the city of Valparaiso, says it's likely that multi family units, Brownstones, similar to what one would see in the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago will built.

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Valparaiso city attorney and former economic development director Patrick Lyp has been named to the Board of the Regional Development Authority.   He was named to the board by Governor Eric Holcomb.

Since it was established in 2005, the RDA has been the catalyst for numerous regional projects, including the completed runway expansion at  Gary/Chicago International Airport, and the enhancement of the regional Lake Michigan shoreline.  

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Project Neighbors has a mission to strengthen the community by addressing issues of race, class and poverty, and to build healthy families and neighborhoods where diversity of all kinds is welcomed and cherished. “Regionally Speaking” host Chris Nolte recently spoke with Paul Schriener, the executive director of the organization about the ongoing efforts to help residents in Valparaiso even during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Today:  Valparaiso Mayor Matt Murphy joins us in an at-length conversation about succeeding Jon Costas in office last month, his first "State of the City" address on January 28th, and what he is proposing for the city as he takes over the administrartion. He talks about city projects and programs that are continuing or willget underway this spring.  We also have an encore edition of "Green Fleet Radio" with Carl Lisek of South Shore Clean Cities, and Allison Schuette with the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University talks about tonight's "Flight Paths" presentation and workshop in the Anderson Library Conference Center at Indiana University Northwest in Gary.  

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Today:  Maggie Clifton, director of community engagement for the city of Valparaiso, joins us to talk about the 14 neighborhood projects that being supported this year by the Redevelopment Commission's Neighborhood Improvement Grant program.  This the second year for the program and this year's grants will be focued on projects like new sidewalks, street lights and playground equipment.    We have another edition of "Green Fleet Radio," with host Carl Lisek of  South Shore Clean Cities.  and there is an addition to Majestic Star Casino in Gary -- mobile sports betting, as supplied by an Illinois company.  Frank Ignatius, the founder and president of USA Sports Gaming, talks about the new partnership with  casino owner Spectacle Emtertainment of Indianapolis.

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Today:   We talk with Karen Toering, the founder and organizer for the Gary International Black Film Festival, the three-day event in Gary that focuses on dozens of short-and feature-length films that explore a variety of themes that reflect on the complexity of the black diaspora.  The 8th annual Film Festival gets residents interested in filmmaking and in other activities that support local businesses.  Karen says this year's Opening Night feature to be shown at Indiana University Northwest is "1 Angry Black Man."   Here's the link to the we

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Today:   On this Reporters Roundtable, a look at the major local news stories of the week from the reporters who covered them for their respective media.  Our public radio colleague Michael Puente is with us, along with Javonte Anderson of the Post-Tribune and, from the Times of northwest Indiana, Bob Kasarda and Ed Bierschenk.

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Today:   a conversation with northwest Indiana community activist Ruth Needleman, on a visit by U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Ben Carson and other political leaders to East Chicago, for an update briefing on the city's lead contamination issues and how they're being addressed.  Ruth also talks about the question of whether an Illinois steel company's move to Gary will mean more local jobs.

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Today: A conversation with Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas on why the City Council deferred action on a request to rescind the city's $25 a year vehicle "wheel tax" in favor of a state wheel tax plan.

Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore attended a recent Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce meeting where the head of a Florida-based bridge construction company talked about the new Cline Avenue bridge.  He also talked to East Chicago residents and motorists who are glad that the new bridge will be built soon but not about the $2.50 toll that'll be charged to travel on it.

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We've made it through one summer heat wave, but more are on the way so Valparaiso city officials are reminding residents without air conditioning or with with inadequate cooling about the city's cooling centers -- open when the heat index reaches 100 degrees for consecutive days:

Sr. Joseph's College

Today:  A group of St. Joseph's College faculty are suing the Catholic-affiliated college in Rensselaer for how the college is handling the suspension of operations and their employment status.  One of the faculty members talks about the group's frustration over not knowing when their employment will officially end and if they'll get any severance-related benefits or help in finding new jobs.

Valparaiso Church Recieves a "Golden" Donation

Apr 17, 2017

A gold coin donated to a northwestern Indiana church is so rare it's helping pay for construction of a new church building. Pastor Ben Lamb Says Grace Point Church was founded in 2009 with a bare bones budget and operated out of an elementary school.  As the Church grew, the congregation came together and raised enough money to purchase a building. However, with general maintenance and renovations figured into the cost, the church was still short $300,000.

February 23rd aka Valparaiso Day!!

Feb 23, 2017

February 23rd marks a special anniversary for one city in Northwest Indiana.  Lakeshore Public Radio's Dan Clark speaks with Executive Director of the Porter County Museum Kevin  Pazour about Valparaiso Day.

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The city of Valparaiso is getting ready to launch a cooperative venture with Valparaiso University that will give students an opportunity to easily travel into the downtown business district from the VU campus. The city government is also taking the initial steps to obtain and transform an underused ex-factory site into, among other uses, a new depot and parking lot for the popular Chicago Dash bus service between Valparaiso and Chicago.  


Today:  A conversation with city of Valparaiso Economic Development Director Patrick Lyp on two major 2017 projects: the implementation of the Bike Share program and efforts to create a larger parking lot for the city's Chicago Dash commuter bus service between Valparaiso and Chicago.  The Bike Share program is a joint project of the city and Valparaiso University.  The city is looking at buying and transforming much of the old Anco wiper blade factory site into a new bus depot and parking lot.