Two Bills Aim To Stop Dicamba, Pesticide Misuse

Feb 11, 2020

Two bills working their way through the Indiana legislature would increase penalties for farmers and others who misuse pesticides. One aim of the legislation is to stop a controversial weed killer from drifting off of fields and killing neighboring crops. 

EPA Allows Dicamba For Another Two Years

Nov 9, 2018

The weedkiller dicamba — which has a habit of drifting off one farmer’s field and killing crops in another — will stay on the market for two more years. The Environmental Protection Agency recently re-approved its use for dicamba resistant soybean and cotton crops. 

Despite Efforts To Stop Drift, Dicamba Complaints Up

Jul 12, 2018

Half way through the year, complaints about the weed killer dicamba are increasing. This could mean efforts to stop the chemical from drifting across property lines aren’t working. 

Farmers in Indiana and across the nation are using more of a powerful, but controversial, weed killer this year — dicamba.

Dicamba has been used since at least the 1960s, mostly on corn. Last year, though, the Environmental Protection Agency approved a new type of dicamba to use on cotton and soybean plants genetically engineered to resist the weed killer.

Don Lamb, who operates an 8,800 acre farm in Lebanon, says the new dicamba has created a problem.