Epic Tantrum

This edition of "Midwest BEAT with Tom Lounges" was originally aired on 11-13-20 on 89.1FM-Lakeshore Public Radio.


For this edition of the program, show host TOM LOUNGES interviews GREG ROSS, the bassist of EPIC TANTRUM, an eclectic rock band from Syracuse, New York.  Their debut release is an ambitious, double full-length CD titled, "Abandoned in the Stranger's Room." 

The impressive collection was released in November 2020 and features both studio album and a live recorded album.  Some of the studio tracks are given the live treatment, but others on the live side of the set are new songs that were included because as Ross said -- "It these times...You don't know when you are releasing your first album, if you will have the opportunity to release a second one..." 

The studio side of the collection is stellar and will make a fan of the more progressive side of hard rock music sit up and take notice.  The live album serves to prove that these incredibly talented band members really have the chops and musicality to pull off their complex musical compositions in a live setting. 

Best listened to with quality headphones or a really awesome stereo system, I believe that fans of groups like Dream Theatre, Queensyche and Steely Dan will surely enjoy this band and this outstanding first effort from the studio by Epic Tantrum.   

As for Ross' statement that a band never knows if a "next album" will follow... Show host/producer Lounges predicts, not only will a second album follow, but many more as the rock world turns on to this killer collective of musicians.

More on the group at: www.EpicTantrum.com