"Flight Paths" initiative

Amy Lavalley, Post-Tribune

Today:  Valparaiso Mayor Matt Murphy joins us in an at-length conversation about succeeding Jon Costas in office last month, his first "State of the City" address on January 28th, and what he is proposing for the city as he takes over the administrartion. He talks about city projects and programs that are continuing or willget underway this spring.  We also have an encore edition of "Green Fleet Radio" with Carl Lisek of South Shore Clean Cities, and Allison Schuette with the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University talks about tonight's "Flight Paths" presentation and workshop in the Anderson Library Conference Center at Indiana University Northwest in Gary.  

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Today: We have a remembrance of northwest Indiana environmental activist Lee Botts, who passed away on Saturday at age 91.  We have comments that she made in 2009 to a local video producer and on "Eye on the Arts" conversation on Lakeshore PBS in January 2019 that was recorded ahead of the "Shifting Sands" documentary.  State Representative Chris Chyung (D-Dyer) has been holding public town hall sessions on public education issues lately and two more are coming up this week.  He'll talk about them, and we bring back our conversation with Allison Wuerffel with the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University about the NEH grant that is supporting the current "Flight Paths" initiative.

Today:    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is getting ready to introduce its new disability appeals procedure, one of the most significant changes in decades to affect the VA and the veterans it serves.  The new process includes three decision review lanes that veterans can choose from, all aimed at eliminating what has been, for some, an average wait of between three and seven years for an appeal to be resolved.  Cheryl Mason, the chairperson of the VA's Board of Veterans Appeals, is on the program to explain the changes and their impact on veterans everywhere.

Today:   Valparaiso University professor Allison Schuette joins us in the studio as one of the co-director of  the Welcome Project, about the NEH grant of $100,000, to support the new "Flight Paths" initiative.  Dozens of applicants seek the grants on average each year but only seven are awarded  each year.   We revisit conversations from the past year for "Green Fleet Radio," supported by South Shore Green Cities. This conversation is from June 13th, 2018.