Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem Encourages Speaking Up At Ball State

Dec 2, 2019

Gloria Steinem says despair comes from isolation – and political movements like feminism have allowed people to get together and “get mad on their own behalf.”

The feminist political activist spoke at Ball State University Monday afternoon as part of a book tour.

She told reluctant college students that speaking up on issues is important to the world, even if it’s a scary thought.

U.S. Defense Dept.

Today:   Leslie Plesac with Purdue University Northwest's Sinai Forum speaker series joins us with the list of speakers this coming fall -- a list which includes retired General John Kelly, "Sully" Sullenberger, Gloria Steinem and Alan Dershowitz.  The former White House chief of staff is the first speaker on Sept. 8th at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City.  All the other speakers will be on the Westville campus.   We also have comments from state Rep.