House Bill 1003

Screenshot Indiana General Assembly live stream

Indiana lawmakers are fast-tracking legislation to provide schools full funding for students learning remotely because of COVID-19. Lawmakers say the legislation may only be temporary to address changes caused by the pandemic.

The General Assembly gave final approval to a bill this week that pressures schools to spend more money on teachers.

Lawmakers: We Need More Data To Address Teacher Pay

Feb 8, 2019

Teacher groups and policymakers want more people to see teaching as a serious profession, and say increasing pay is part of the equation. And while lawmakers are working to address a host of teacher-focused issues, they also say a number of unknowns remain.

One part of Indiana Republicans’ approach to increase teacher pay statewide is being met with a wave of concerns: teachers and other school advocacy groups say it could limit local control, and, doesn’t do much to ensure more money for educators.

The Indiana Senate approved a bill Tuesday setting guidelines for ILEARN, a new standardized test that will replace the troubled ISTEP+ exam in 2019.

The proposal would require the test, for students in grades 3-8, be given on a computer and allow Indiana scores to be compared with scores nationally.