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Indiana state courts are not allowed to hold in-person jury trials until at least March. That’s per a new order from the Indiana Supreme Court.

Lauren Chapman / IPB News

The Indiana Supreme Court refused to tell Gov. Eric Holcomb whether he can appoint a replacement for Attorney General Curtis Hill.

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On this edition of the podcast the you’ll hear the latest on Indiana State Prison Warden Ron Neal implementing many protocols to protect the well-being of staff as well as offenders at the state prison,  Governor Eric Holcomb wants the Indiana Supreme Court to clarify what Attorney General Curtis Hill’s law license suspension means for his future, Brandon Smith reports State Health Commissioner Doctor Kris Box says information gathered by the state contact tracing call center remains private and Chris Nolte has a conversation with Paul Schneiner, the executive director of Project Neighbors

The Indiana Supreme Court says police can't search your property just because you take their GPS tracker off your car.

Residents who live near Lake Michigan are unlikely to get clarity this year on who can use beaches in front of private property and for what purpose. Three state bills that would have addressed that issue failed this legislative session. 

The race for Indiana Attorney General has a new contender.

Former Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel announced Tuesday he will seek the Democratic nomination for AG next year.

Does removing a GPS tracker from your car – even if police put it there – mean you stole it?

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court heard arguments in multiple cases of employee LGBTQ discrimination, and advocates for the community in Indiana say the stakes for young people are as high as ever. 

The Indiana Supreme Court could add another reason – to a limited list – for why employees can’t be fired.

The justices considered that issue at a court hearing Thursday.

The passage rate for the state’s bar exam continues to struggle, with only about 60 percent of prospective attorneys making the grade.

Loretta Rush Reappointed As Indiana Chief Justice

Aug 21, 2019

Loretta Rush will continue to serve as Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court for another five years.

A decade-long legal battle between the state and tech giant IBM is nearing its conclusion.

The U.S. Supreme Court won’t take the case of an Indiana man convicted of murder who says his lawyers weren’t good enough. 

Disciplinary Case Against AG Hill Moves Forward

Apr 29, 2019
Attorney General Curtis Hill (WFIU/WTIU)
Brandon Smith

A disciplinary case against Attorney General Curtis Hill will move forward as the state Supreme Court appointed a hearing officer Monday.

Attorney General Curtis Hill’s initial response to a disciplinary complaint claims the Indiana Supreme Court doesn’t have grounds to punish him. (FILE PHOTO: Lauren Chapman/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Attorney General Curtis Hill’s initial response to a disciplinary complaint claims the Indiana Supreme Court doesn’t have grounds to punish him.

A decision by the Indiana Supreme Court regarding rental fees could cost the city of West Lafayette a large sum of money.

The court’s decision eliminates a carve-out that had allowed the cities of Bloomington and West Lafayette -- with their large, transient college populations -- to charge more than $5 per unit for inspections or to register the unit with the city.

The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear a legal dispute over who should have access to Lake Michigan beaches in Indiana. Seven years ago, two Long Beach property owners filed a lawsuit arguing the public didn’t have a right to use the shoreline in front of their homes. 

Bills Defining Lake Michigan's Shoreline Pass Committee

Feb 12, 2019

Two state Senate bills that help define the boundaries of Lake Michigan’s shoreline passed in committee Monday. This comes in the same week the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether to hear a dispute over Lake Michigan beach access. 

Supreme Court Chief Justice Loretta Rush says the commission will examine, among other issues, whether the state should adopt the Uniform Bar Examination, a test used by more than 30 jurisdictions nationwide. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

The Indiana Supreme Court wants a special commission to study whether the state’s bar exam needs changes.

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Today:   On this "Reporters' Roundtable"  we have Dan Carden, the Statehouse reporter for the "Times of Northwest Indiana" with his stories in print and posted online, which include a major decision about the nuisance of stopped freight trains at street crossings in Indiana.  And his colleague Giles Bruce talks about his recent stories, including a story about an addict whose life was saved from an overdose by quick work by the South Shore Line's police chief.

Indiana can no longer hold trains accountable if they block railroad crossings for a long time. (Charlotte Tuggle/WBAA)
Brandon Smith

Indiana can no longer hold trains accountable if they block railroad crossings for a long time.

Federal courts directed the Indiana Supreme Court to give guidance on this question -- whether or not daily fantasy sports companies can use athletes’ names and likenesses. (Peter Balonon-Rosen/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Federal courts directed the Indiana Supreme Court to give guidance on this question – whether or not daily fantasy sports companies can use athletes’ names and likenesses.

The state's high court considered that question at a hearing Thursday.

The Indiana Supreme Court, by a 3-2 vote, decided not to consider a challenge to the state's nursing home moratorium. (FILE PHOTO: Peter Balonon-Rosen/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

The Indiana Supreme Court will not consider a challenge to Indiana’s moratorium on new nursing home construction. 

A 2015 state law largely barred construction of new nursing homes. Those behind the ban noted most of the state’s existing homes were far from full.


Today:   A conversation with Holly Passi, the licensed clinical psychologist at Jesse Brown VA Medical Center  in Chicago, about post traumatic distress disorder (which is now being known sinply as PTS).  Passi wjoins other health care professionals at the facility in helping veterans and their families deal with their trauma. This month is national PTSD Awareness Month.

CROWN POINT, Ind. (AP) — A northwestern Indiana man sentenced to death for killing his wife and two teenage stepchildren has lost his latest attempt at an appeal.

Lake County Judge Samuel Cappas and Magistrate Natalie Bokota determined in a ruling issued Friday that Kevin Isom of Gary failed to establish he had ineffective counsel at his murder trial or during the appeals process.

The Indiana Supreme Court earlier upheld Isom's conviction and sentence in the 2007 fatal shootings. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in 2013.


The Indiana Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday it can’t force the Department of Child Services to comply with caseload requirements in state law.

Indiana’s Supreme Court is back to its full five members as Gov. Eric Holcomb announces his selection of Wabash County Judge Christopher Goff to join the bench.

Holcomb says few decisions he’ll make as governor will be as impactful as his appointment of Goff. Holcomb calls the Ball State graduate a critical and forward thinker who believes in judicial restraint.

State Supreme Court Considers DCS Caseload Lawsuit

Jun 1, 2017

The Indiana Supreme Court heard arguments Thursday over whether a Department of Child Services caseworker’s lawsuit against the agency will move forward.

Only one of Indiana’s 19 DCS regions meets mandatory caseload limits at this time.

State law says DCS must provide enough caseworkers so that the average caseload in each region doesn’t exceed 12 active cases or 17 children supervised.

The Indiana Supreme Court affirmed Monday that gun violence victims can’t get monetary damages from gun stores that illegally sell firearms. But the court didn’t entirely dismiss a former Indianapolis police officer’s lawsuit either. Former Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer Dwayne Runnels sued a gun store that he says illegally sold the firearm that wounded him.

Today:   Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer talks about the decision by the Federal Reserve Bank board on Wednesday to once again incrementally raise interest rates --the third such hike in the  past 13 months.  Hammer looks at the impact  on Hoosiers ranging from mortgages, to credit cards, to student loans, to what'll happen on Wall Street.