Lake County Commissioners

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Today:  For this "Reporters' Roundtable" program, we talk with "Times" chief political reporter Dan Carden about the stories he's put out in print and online.  They include the latest in the dispute between the Lake County Commissioners and County Council over who has jurisdiction over purchasing matters, and a look at how state legislators from northwest Indiana will play a role in shaping state policy when the General Assembly session begins next month.  "Times" business reporter Joseph Pete talks about his stories, including his comprehensive look at changes in the local steelmaking industry with a new player: Cleveland-Cliffs, and one about a gain in northwest Indiana population despite the early-2020 job losses.  And Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott Jr. joins us for a lively city-wide update.   

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Today:   Municipal government finances expert and Highland town clerk-treasurer Michael Griffin is with us for an extensive conversation about the background and the issues surrounding the Lake County Council efforts to shift purchasing and IT expenses from the County Commissioners over to the Council.  It's an issue dealing with "home rule" that dates back into the 1980s, and may have to worked out between the two government bodies.  We also have Chuck Harris, the board president, and executive director Dawn Pelc, with the Porter County Substance Abuse Council about the organization's efforts to reduce the number of former jail inmates coming back behind bars because of drug-related crimes.  Many of those who return to jail don't have the education and skills to find meaningful jobs in the community, and the PCSAC works with other groups to resolve the issues with things like education, jobs and family assistance.