Lake County Democratic Party

Today: The November election is just around the corner and we catch up with Lake County Democratic Party Chairman Jim Wieser as well as the Lake County GOP Party Chair Dan Dernulc to discuss results of the primary election.

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Today:  We have our conversations with both Lake County political party leaders:  Democratic Party chairman Jim Weiser and Republican Party chairman Dan Dernulc. Weiser talks about his party's new candidates out campaigning for their respective town and city elections and Dernulc does the same, including candidates looking to hold onto existing GOP seats and ones trying to gain new ones.

Lake County Democratic Party

Today:    Our conversation with Lake County Democratic Party chairman Jim Weiser on the new candidates on the general election ballot -- some of whom are just getting involved in local politics.  Lakeshore Public Radio's Dee Dotson talked with "Grace Beyond Borders" founder Marcus Martin about the Aug.

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On this edition of the podcast you'll hear the latest on the Indiana Court of Appeals ordering a new sentencing hearing for a Gary man serving 183 years in prison for two slaying when he was 16,  Brandon Smith reports on the some new laws that have yet to take effect in Indiana, a special prosecutor has been named in the police involved South Bend shooting and Chris Nolte has a conversation with Jim Weiser, chairman of the Lake County Democratic Party . All of that, and more, on this edition of “Lakeshore Update”…     

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Today:    Kim Eldridge, the president of "Indivisable Northwest Indiana," talks about the origin of the national progressive community activist group -- how the local group got started -- and what topics it's focused on in recent months.  They're active on Facebook.  And Lake County Democratic Party chairman Jim Weiser talks about the new "crop of candidates" seeking public offices in towns and cities in the November general election.  Weiser says the party has been actively recruiting young people, residents who want to serve their communities -- and he's excited at the prospects of them


Today:  a conversation with Lake County Democratic Party chairman Jim Weiser, who called for a special precinct committee member caucus on Saturday, September 16th to choose a new Lake County Sheriff.  He talks about the process of finding candidates to fill the rest of former Sheriff John Buncich's term of office and what Weiser hopes will be the beginning of a new era in local government.

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More than 500 Democratic Party precinct committeemembers will come into the auditorium at the Lake County Government Center in Crown Point on Saturday, Sept. 16th to hear from those who want to be the next Lake County Sheriff, and to serve until the end of 2018. 

The party's county chairman, Jim Weiser, called for the special caucus one day after a federal court jury convicted Sheriff John Buncich of wire fraud, honest services wire fraud and bribery charges -- convictions that brought his term of office to an end.

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Today:  a one-hour presentation of the Monday, June 5th community forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters in Lake County, Lakeshore Public Radio and Purdue University Northwest and held  on the Hammond campus. 


The Lake County Democratic Party has a new chairman, who says he is ready to review what happened in the 2016 general elections that led to Republican Party victories. and make some changes.

Northwest Indiana attorney James Weiser came on "Regionally Speaking" on Monday to talk about the recent reorganization caucus that put him in  leadership and what local and Indiana Democrats must do to insure victory in future elections.  Here's the conversation.


Today:   The new Lake County Democratic Party chairman, James Weiser, joins us to talk about the change in leadership, his thoughts about how that change came about and his views on bringing together all local Democrats to meet the challenges that came after the November 2016 election that put Donald Trump into the White House.