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Today: There is concern among state lawmakers about the non-profit hospitals in northwest Indiana and their ability to make business decisions that can have an impact on residents’ lives – especially when it comes to healthcare costs.    “Off Mic” host Michael Puente spoke with a local legislator recently about the topic for his program and we bring you that conversation. We also revisit our conversation with Lake County Elections and Voter Registration executive director Michelle Fajman about the company that is creating an electronic system, to be in place by the 2022 elections, that tracks election equipment used in the county’s precincts as well as sets up payroll and training for election workers and creates maps for poll workers.  And we have the second in Side effects Public Media reporter Carter Barrett's series on families seeking help for mental health issues.

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Today:  A conversation mid-way in the program with Diocese of Gary Bishop Robert McClory, on the impending return to in-person Masses at northwest Indiana Catholic churches.  This takes place beginning June 11th.  But first, we revisit our conversation with Lake County Elections and Voter Registration director Michelle Fajman on the new election equipment and personnel management project that will be in effect as early as 2022, and the impact the change may have on future elections.  And later, we find out more about two young Black entrepreneurs that found a way to combat food insecurity in an eastside Indianapolis neighborhood, with the help of an  Indiana medical equipment company.

Times of Northwest Indiana

Today:   A conversation with Lake County Elections and Voter Registration executive director Michelle Fajman, about a company working with county officials that -- by the 2022 elections -- could have an electronic system in place that tracks election equipment, sets up payroll and training for poll workers, and creates maps of polling locations.   We have another conversation from the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University, and Miller Beach Arts & Creative District executive director Meg Roman talks about the community's May 22nd “Art Still Lives” fundraiser.  

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Today:  We revisit our conversation of September 29th with Michelle Fajman, the director of the Lake County Election and Voter Registration office, about next Tuesday's general election.  She goes into detail on how ballots, both ones cast on Election Day and absentee ballots mailed in to her office, will be tallied and she talks about the possibility that final, unofficial totals won't be available right away. We also talk with Walter Mueller, the northwest Indiana representative for "Voters For A Green Indiana," about the non-partisan organization's "green voters guide" that is up on their website.  "Voters" is made up of volunteers who take climate change seriously and want to inform voters about candidates that accept climate science and support policies and action to reduce carbon pollution.

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Today:  "Times" business reporter Joseph Pete has written another book that looks into the Region in great detail.  This latest book, published by Reedy Press, is titled "100 Things to Do in Gary and Northwest Indiana Before You Die." There will be several opportunities in October to buy and have a signed copy from the author.  Reporter Michael Puente tells us about Latino voters who support President Donald Trump.  We have another conversation from the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University.  And Michelle Fajman, the director fo the Lake County Election and Voter Registration Office, has the latest on the process of preparing for the November 3rd general election.  Thousands of absentee ballots have already been cast and they are expecting thousands more to come in  -- ahead of the early voting period beginning next month.

LAKE COUNTY -  The Lake County elections board has declared the results of the June 2nd primary now official.  It was an election held in unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic creating extra challenges.

The "Times" reports the board, made up of five Democrats and five Republicans, met Thursday to decide whether to include in the final tally, any of more than 50 provisional and emergency paper ballots cast June 2.