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Today:  Indiana Humanities staffmember Megan Telligman joins us to talk about the speakers who will be coming into northwest Indiana over the next few months, as part of the "INseparable" initiative.  The speakers will help residents better understand and talk about urban, suburban and rural differences and connections.  Speaking locations include the Lake County and Crown Point Community Libraries and LaPorte County Library.  Union electrician Roman Bronson with the "Indiana Plan" talks about next Wednesday's free Construction Trade Seminar in Gary, to encourage interested residents in car

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Today:   Noted Indiana economist-writer-speaker Morton Marcus is with us to talk about his recent "Eye on the Pie" columns that are published online and in print.  We also have in the studio Ingrid Norris, the  executive director-CEO of the Lake County Public Library,  about a bill moving through the General Assembly that has public library directors across the state very worried -- a measure that could shift control of library budgets from library boards over to town, city or county councils.  The bill could also give local governments the power to reallocate library funds, such as the re

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Author CATHERINE LANIGAN with CAROL MOORE of the Lake Co. Public Library Foundation Board.