Lead Contamination

East Chicago Residents Scramble For Info After Lead Found In Soil

Sep 2, 2016

Byron Duke Florence was born in East Chicago, Indiana, and although he’s lived in other places, he’s always returned back to the town he considers home. He now owns the house he grew up with and lives there with his mother and other family members.

Standing on the sidewalk outside his house, he waves at every car that drives by and has a friendly conversation with the mail carrier as she walks down the block. It’s his home that he loves, but in the last few months he’s changed his mind.

U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly came to East Chicago on Friday to see for himself the lead contamination issue that’s forcing hundreds of people to move out of their homes in the West Calumet public housing project.

East Chicago Residents Fear The Unknown

Sep 2, 2016

The Environmental Protection Agency is conducting further tests for lead contamination in East Chicago near the West Calumet Housing Complex and Carrie Gosch Elementary school. As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Nick Janzen reports, many worry the residential neighborhood has been unsafe for decades.