Los Ebanos Ferry Junction

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Today:  Hoosier Environmental Council senior policy director Tim Maloney and his colleagues have been closely watching the progress of bills in this General Assembly session that can affect the Indiana environment.  Tim is on "Regionally Speaking" to talk about the measures that he's been monitoring -- two of which made it through Senate committees.  "Inside Indiana Business" host Gerry Dick and his panel of experts review the week's stories in this "INsiders" segment, and we bring you reporter Michael Puente's "Off Mic" conversation with Gary resident and activist Apostle East on the rise in crime in the Steel City. Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson visited south Texas near the Mexico border last year and talked to residents about the controversial issue of immigration.

Sharon Jackson / Lakeshore Public Radio

LOS EBANOS, TX - Crossing the southern border into the United States from Mexico has gotten more complicated over the last several years.  There's the more stringent government regulations and increased focus on border protection and security that makes it more complex, there's also the terrible violence on the Mexico side of the Rio Grande River.  

Lakeshore Public Radio traveled to the Southern part of Texas and talked to the locals who say that wasn't always the case.