Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics Director Andrew Downs

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Today:   We talk with Andy Downs, of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics at Purdue University Fort Wayne, about the impact of precinct consolidation on Hoosier counties -- and Lake County, in particular.  The Indiana Secretary of State resented a precinct consolidation plan, following up on a state legislative mandate to bring all precincts  to a minimum of 600 active voters.   How many counties in the state have gone through the procedure in the past?  Andy looks at the implications on political party activities.

IU-Purdue Fort Wayne

Andy Downs, the executive director of the Mike Downs Center on Indiana Politics in Fort Wayne came on "Regionally Speaking" on Monday to talk about last week's primary elections and his "take"on the winners and how he sees the campaigns shaping up during the months before the November general election.  This includes the contentious Republican Party race for U.S. Senate, won by Mike Braun.  Here's the conversation.

House Speaker Brian Bosma says the upcoming legislative session lacks what he calls “one, overarching, bright, shiny object” that will draw the focus of most lawmakers.

IU-Purdue Fort Wayne

Andy Downs, the Executive Director of the Mike Downs Center for Politics at IU - Purdue Ft. Wayne, was with us on "Regionally Speaking" on Monday  to talk about the political climate in 2018 that will result in issues before voters, and about some of the issues that could come up in the 2018 General Assembly session.  Here's the conversation.

Today:  Northwest Indiana activist Ruth Needleman is back in the studio for an update on events that include the debate around immigration issues such as the proposal to obtain land in Elkhart County for an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center and the Gary-Chicago International Airport's plan for a Homeland Security and Customs center.  Ruth also talks about this week's workshop in Gary sponsored by State Senator Eddie Melton and the Urban League of Northwest Indiana.