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Today:  Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer is on "Regionally Speaking" to talk about Financial Literacy Month, which is the month of April.  He has some tips and tools to help establish and maintain some healthy financial habits.  "Post-Tribune" freelance reporter Carole Carlson is with us to talk about her stories, including the news of a new mass vaccination site coming to the city of Gary.  "Times" business reporter Joseph Pete covers his recent stories in print and online from the Region business world. And we bring back our conversation about Meals On Wheels in northwest Indiana, with volunteer coordinator Charlie Misovye.

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Today:   Beth Shrader, the city of Valparaiso's planning and transit director, is on "Regionally Speaking" to talk about the just-released comprehensive housing market study.  We have a "Facebook scam alert" from the Indiana State Police, and northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer joins us to talk about a special anniversary observance. March 16th marks one year since the Dow Jones Industrial Average had its largest drop in history.  And NIRPC chief transportation planner Mitch Barloga tells us about the northwest Indiana recipients of the state’s second round of Next Level grants to trail projects, including the Veterans Memorial Trail and Marquette Greenway. 

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Today:  PNC Financial Services economist Abbey Omodunbi is on "Regionally Speaking" for an update on the northwest Indiana and Midwest economic views and outlooks.  We also bring back our recent conversation with northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer, and his recommendations on how to be able to plan for a comfortable retirement in 2021.  Side Effects Public Media reporter Darian Benson also has more on how healthcare professionals are encouraging adults to talk to children about mental health issues since they, too, are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Today:  "Indiana Gaming Insight" newsletter creator and editor Ed Feigenbaum is on "Regionally Speaking" with the Indiana Gaming Commission's monthly report on casino revenues around the state, including northwest Indana, and other gambling-related news.  Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer talks about gettng ready to fill out those income tax returns, and Valparaiso Mayor Matt Murphy talks about the latest topics in his city. They include digging out from the latest snowstorm and the strategic planning process that is underway. City officials are seeking community input this month.

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Today:  Purdue Northwest professor Yu Ouyang talks about the recent transition of the Trump and Biden administrations following Biden's inauguration. Northwest Indiana business advisor Greg Hammer has some points to consider in preparing for a comfortable retirement in 2021. And Aetna resident Penelope Love is on "Regionally Speaking" to talk about the Aetna Manor Revitalization Program established in the Gary neighborhood.

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Today:  Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer is on "Regionally Speaking" with a look back at the important financial issues of 2020 and putting them in perspective as we look into 2021. Pangere Corp. safety coordinator Don Hancock also talks about his work with a Purdue University Northwest construction science and leadership class on giving students some "real world" experience thay can use when they begin their careers. They created a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to train others on OSHA and other safety training procedures.

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Today:   William Carroll, the executive director of St. Joseph's College in Rensselaer, is with us to give us the latest in the effort to continue the liberal arts college's return to educational solvency, so to speak, following some financial issues in recent years.  The college resolved those obligations  and approved a three-year plan.  Carroll and his Board of Trustees are soliciting ideas and have heard from at least one alumnus.  Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer joins us to talk about some of the things that family members can discuss when they get together for the holidays, whichever way that may be.  That may include updating retirement accounts or even estate planning, if needed. 

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Today:  Ed Feigenbaum, the creator and editor of the "Indiana Gaming Insight" and "Indiana Legislative Insight" newsletters from Hannah News Service is on the program for an update on how Indiana casinos are doing financially these days of the coronavirus pandemic.  He also talks about some of the changes in the focuses on games in two local casinos.  Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer talks about some of the end-of-year financial moves that investors and retirees need to make because of special money considerations they had in 2020 as a result of the pandemic.  And PNC Financial Services Group chief economist Gus Faucher explains what he brought up with attendees of two recent virtual financial sessions with local business owners.

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Today:   Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer is with us to outline what he calls the Five Ways to Stop the "Pandemic Panic" when working on planning for retirement in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.  Side Effects Public Media reporter Darian Benson talked with some Hoosiers about the topic of racism in medicine, and she has a report.  And U.S. Census Bureau spokesperson Virginia Hyer gives us an update on how the all-important count of Americans this year is going, here in the Hoosier State.  The official count will end soon.

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Today:  Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer is with us to talk about an important deadline coming up, for anyone who withdrew funds from retirement accounts under the terms of the CARES Act during this pandemic -- and now wants to return that money to the retirement accounts.  Porter County veterinarian Dr. Larry McAfee and Porter County Parks and Recreation superintendent Walter Lenckos join us from Sunset Hill Farm, outside Valparaiso, to talk about a donation of antique veterinary instruments used by his father Dr. John McAfee during his time as Sunset Hill Farm's veterinarian from the 1940s to 1960s.  The farm is now a Porter County park.  And we have post-speech comments from state Representative Earl Harris Jr of East Chicago, the vice-chairman of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus about Governor Eric Holcomb's proposed plan to address racial inequity in Indiana.  The proposal includes creation of a new state government position.

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Today:   Purdue University economist Larry DeBoer is with us to talk about the new analysis created for the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute on Indiana's taxing structure and its impact on local, county and state governments amd how the coronavirus pandemic --and the economic recession it caused-- is affecting urban, growing and rural counties.  Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer talks about Wednesday's income tax return and tax payment filing deadline, extended from April 15th because of COVID-19.  And Union Township Schools superintendent John Hunter is with us to tell us about the successful campaign launched in June to ask voters to extend a 2013 tax increase to cover expenses for the Porter County school district.

Today:  State Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon joins us with her thoughts on the state response to the coronavirus pandemic, from her view as a state legislator. We also have a conversation with a psychologist on how to talk with youngsters about COVID-19 and how the Gary Communnity Schools  is helping their students stay educated outside of classrooms by use of YouTube.  "Green Fleet Radio" with Carl Lisek from South Shore Clean Cities is on the program today, along with northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer on making tough decisions during what can be considered some rather volatile financial times.

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Tioday:  On this first day of Roman Catholic Diocese of Gary Bishop Robert McClory's being the Region's new shepherd, we revisit our conversation with him last week.  He was ordained and installed on Tuesday in a liturgy in Gary.  We have another edition of "Green Fleet Radio," from South Shore Clean Cities and NIRPC with Carl Lisek. And northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer joins us with some important tips   that can go toward offering a Valentines' Day gift that goes beyond candy or flowers: financial security that can last for years.

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Today:  We bring back our conversation with Wabash College student and Indiana College Republicans leader Isaiah Mears, on the state Young GOP organization's partnering with a national team to come up with a conversation on climate change.  We also have another "Building Northwest Indiana" conversation from the Construction Advancement Foundation.   And Hanover Community School Corporation Superintendent Mary MacAuley is with us to talk about the south Lake County school district's $79 million capital improvement project and their request for patron support, when it comes up as a question on the May 5th primary election ballot. More information can be found here.   We also have another conversation from the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University.  Today, a Gary senior remembers the neighborhood of her childhood.

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Today:  Another Democratic Party primary election candidate for First Congressional District is in the studio to talk about the campaign ahead in 2020.  Ryan Farrar, who ran unsuccessfully for Indiana state Senate Dist. 6 in 2018, is now in the field of candidates who are seeking the nomination for Congressman Pete Visckosky's seat.  Farrar says he's centering his campaign around the issue of campaign finance reform.  Heather Ennis with the Northwest Indiana Forum takes a look at the organization's busy 2019 and looks ahead at 2020.  The Forum is a nonprofit focusing on regional economic development, with its current initiative entitled "Ignite The Region."   And we revisit our conversation with northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer about the window of opportunity to convert Roth IRAs.

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Today:  Peter Novak with the Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors talks about the latest report on northwest Indiana home sales and their median prices, issued last month for October, and a look ahead to 2020 local home building and sales and buying trends.  Indiana Public Broadcasting's Jill Sheridan has a report on the Affordable Care Act in Indiana and about supporters who help Hoosiers apply for healthcare insurance.  We also have this week's edition of "Building Northwest Indiana," supported by the Construction Advancement Foundation.... and northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer.

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Today:  Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer is back with some tips on being financially healthy -- even though this is "Healthy Aging Month." William Streitberger with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington D.C. talks about some important and high-tech enhancements to the agency's Rehabilitation and Education Service programs that assist veterans with disabilities.  And Hoosier Environmental Council assistant attorney Aaron Corn spoke to a citizens' group in Porter County about the recent pollution concerns coming from the U.S. Steel and ArcelorMittal plants at Portage.  Aaron joins us to talk about his remarks and the reaction to them from residents.

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Today:  Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer talks about the recent anniverary of the Social Security system and offers some ways to save time and effort in seeking benefits.  Mary Ruble of Chesterton-based "The Artistic Recovery" joins us to talk about the organization that links art and recovery from substance abuse and about this weekend's "Hooked On Art" street art festival to be held in Centennial Park.  We have another edition of "Building Northwest Indiana," supported by the Constructiion Advancement Foundation.  Host Kevin Comerford learns more about current Purdue University Northwest construction projects, and we have another conversation from the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University.


Today:   Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer joins us to talk about the 84th anniversary of the creation of the Social Security system -- its place in Americans' financial stability over the years -- and how we all can better keep track of and use our benefits, at the right time, to get maximum use of the money we've accumulated over our working lives.   We also find out about health food options at some Indiana fairs and festivals from Side Effects Public Media's Isaiah Seibert and Meghan Buell of northern Indiana-based TREES, Inc.

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Today:  Northwest Indiana resident and insurance agent Areceli Corona and retired Army Reserve Colonel Cullen Wright talk about a recent public forum at the American Legion post in East Chicago that focused on the coordination of Veterans Affairs healthcare benefits with those benefits coming from the Medicare program.  Corona says combining VA healthcare with Medicare can be confusing -- and not registering for either benefit has financial implications.

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Today:   Eugene Guernsey of Merrillville, one of the organizers of the "100 Club of Lake and Porter Counties," is with us to talk about the nearly one-year-old organization that helps the families of any first-responders (police, fire, EMS, male or female) who have lost their lives in the line of duty.  Five years ago, two police officers died in Lake County communities in incidents about two months apart.  The trauma that their families experienced in 2014 is still on the Club members' minds -- and it gave them the incentive to help others who may face the same situation in the future. 

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Today:   Northwest Indiana activist Ruth Needleman is in the studio to give some updates on local topics of concern, including illegal immigration -- but she also talks about the upcoming city and town primary elections and offers questions she thinks should be asked of the candidates for mayor or council.

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Today:    We bring in Purdue University agricultural economist Larry DeBoer to explain the changes that Lake County property taxpayers will see on their tax bills, mainly in 2020 when the state's ten-year exemption from tax caps in Lake and St Joseph Counties is lifted.  Based on the state's report on local taxing units, the city of Gary will have the state's highest tax rate: 43% higher than any other tax rates in Lake County and more than double any of Porter County's tax rates.  DeBoer talks about why the rates will be so high.


Today:   we bring in with northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer, for our previous conversation on getting everything together for the 2018 tax year income tax returns.  "Green Fleet Radio," supported by South Shore Clean Cities, is back with Carl Lisek and his guest.

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Today:   A conversation with Hoosier Environmental Council's Kim Ferraro, the agricultural policy director and chief attorney, about HB1378 that would, if passed into law, close some serious gaps in state environmental law about "factory farm" pollution.  Reps. Tom Saunders and Sue Errington co-sponsor the measure that is up for House Environmental Policy Committee review on February 13th.  Natural Prairie Dairy in Newton County and other similar operations around the state would come under the measure.

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Today:   We find out more about the Lake Area United Way's 2019 campaign -- continuing 0n the effort of 2018 by the nonprofit, to help Lake County "working poor" families with affordable childcare and into jobs paying livable wages.  Statistics show 22-percent of Lake County households are considered in the "working poor" category, and that is on top of an additional 15-percent of local households in poverty.

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Today:   Andy Downs, the executive director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics at Purdue University Fort Wayne, talks about the 2018 Indiana midterm elections, the issues surrounded some counties (like Porter County) in reporting their returns on Election Night, the races for General Assembly and what issues may come up in the 2019 legislative session.  We have another conversation from the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University, and Steve Beekman with the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana tells us about several holiday food assistance days -- the first of which is on Wednesday. 


Today:   we begin our look at the Lake County general election ballot candidates, with the Indiana House District 15 race between incumbent Republican State Rep. Hal Slager and his Democratic Party challenger Chris Chyung. Both joined us in the Lakeshore Public Radio studio for a discussion of the  issues.


Today:   We revisit our conversation with northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer about the upcoming deadlines on Monday, October 15th for those with individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

On this week's "Green Fleet Radio," host Carl Lisek talks to James Turnwald, the executive director of the Michiana Area Council of Governments about the multi-county organization's green initiatives. "Green Fleet Radio" is supported by South Shore Clean Cities.

Today:    A conversation with Val Lay of the St. Jude House in Crown Point, on Domestic Volence Awareness Month and about its 23rd annual candlelight vigil and walk this evening to kick off the special month.  The candlelight vigil will be held at the First United Methodist Church in Crown Point.  Val also talks about a financial empowerment program supported by a national foundation as well as local sponsors like Centier Bank.