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Today:   We asked Barbara Dahl, the director of the Indiana University Northwest Counseling Center into the studio to talk about the different types of stress that can affect personal or family relationships during the holidays.  44% of women and 31% of men report that their stress levels are higher than normal over the holidays, levels that could -- in some cases -- even destroy relationships or marriages.  Barbara offers some tips to be able to deal with these stresses.  Peter Novak of the Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors also talks about the latest single-family home sal

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Today:  We talk with Crown Point Realtor Clarence Webb for his view on how northwest Indiana home sales went in 2017 and a look at 2018.  We also talk with Denise Rodriguez with NIPSCO about the utility's payment programs -- including the Low Income Heating Assistance Program -- and how they can help customers pay their winter heating bills and "keep the heat on" on the colest days.

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Single-family home sales in northwest Indiana are continuing to do well, seven months into 2017.  Peter Novak, the CEO of the Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors, talked with me about the latest seven-county report on home sales and the median selling prices.  He also offers his views on how new-construction homes fit into the overall supply and sales picture.

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Single-family home sales for the seven counties around northwest Indiana are reported very strong for both the month of December and the year 2016.   I asked Peter Novak, the President and CEO of the Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors,  for his views on the reasons for the strong year-end and year-long sales and how 2017 is likely to appear as well.  Here's the conversation as aired on Tuesday's "Regionally Speaking" program.

Today:  We bring you the second of three finalists for the Knight Cities Challenge from the city of Gary: the Ball Park Plaza project.  It was submitted by the late Kenneth Parr and now taken over by the city of Gary. We talked to both Brenda Scott-Henry, the city's Director of Environmental Affairs, and Renetta Dubose, the step-daughter of Kenneth Parr, about a project that would take a city-owned lot across from the U.S.