Northwest Indiana political activist Ruth Needleman

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Today:   Tony Rodriguez, the director of the LaPorte County Office of Community and Economic Development, talks about the efforts to attract new businesses into his county and to get existing firms to expand and bring in more jobs.

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Today:   Hoosier economist/writer/speaker Morton Marcus talks about his latest "Eye on the Pie" columns, which include what he thinks should be priorities for 2019 and issues that legislators are taking up as well as other topics he wants to address -- including annoying phone calls and billboards that distract motorists.   We bring you two conversations from the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University.  Northwest Indiana political activist Ruth Needleman also tells us about another immigration-related protest on Friday outside the Gary-Chicago International Airport and next week's public

School City of Hammond website

Today:   "Northwest Indiana Gazette" editor and publisher Ken Davidson joins us to talk about the issues surrounding the School City of Hammond's multi-million dollar improvement projects which includes a new high school -- projects which he says aren't being publicly discussed by the School Board.  He has put out posts on his website about a strategic planning committee and bids approved on "consent agenda."