NWI Pride Fest

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Today:  Amari Victoria and Elisabeth Menning with LGBTQ Northwest Indiana are in the studio to talk about the organization, its inaugural "NWI Pride" event last summer in Highland, and the plans for 2020 events -- including another "Pride" day.  Carl Lisek with South Shore Clean Cities has another "Green Fleet Radio" conversation, and Indiana Public Broadcasting environmental reporter Rebecca Thiele reviews this year's Renewable Energy Day in Indianapolis.  The chairman of the Indiana Federation of College Republicans, Isaiah Mears, tells how the young-conservatives group is supporting climate change by joining a national campaign.  The goal is to come up with and support an alternative proposal to the "Green New Deal."


Today:   We talk to Father Mike Surufka, a-k-a Father Mike, the pastor of Holy Name of Jesus parish in Cedar Lake and, now the administrator for the Cathedral of Holy Angels and the Church of Sts. Monica and Luke, both in Gary neighborhoods that are affected by the city's overall blight problems.  Fr.

Supermarket News

Today:   We invite back Jeff Strack, the president and CEO if Indiana Grocery Group, doing business as Stracj & VanTil Supermarkets.  We last talked just as he was taking back the family business from Central Grocers, which declared bankruptcy jn 2017.


On this edition of the podcast you'll hear the latest on Portage Assessor Jon Snyder, a former Gary technology chief  has been sentenced for computer thefts, Samantha Horton has details on General Motors investing millions of dollars in Fort Wayne, Hammond City Councilman Robert Markovich has been granted permission to contest his four-vote loss in the May 7 Democratic primary and Chris Nolte has a conversation Chris Nolte with Amari Victoria and Elisabeth Menning, organizers of the first annual NWI Pride event at the Lincoln Center in Highland.