Secretary of State Connie Lawson

Indiana Casts Its 11 Electoral College Votes

Dec 14, 2020
Brandon Smith / IPB News

Indiana cast its 11 electoral votes for President Donald Trump Monday as the nation’s Electoral College helps wrap up the 2020 presidential election.

Lauren Chapman / IPB News

More Hoosiers voted in the 2020 general election than in any election in state history, crossing the 3 million-voter mark for the first time.

Lauren Chapman / IPB News

Barring a last-minute curveball from the federal courts, Indiana will be one of only four states without expanded vote-by-mail for the 2020 general election, amid an ongoing pandemic.

The Indiana Election Commission recently approved the first paper backups for electronic voting machines.

But it could take up to a decade before such equipment is available to every county that needs it.

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CROWN POINT, Ind. (AP) — Election officials in northwestern Indiana's Lake County have approved a state-mandated consolidation of the county's small voting precincts.

Lake County's elections board approved a new precinct map Tuesday that shrinks the county's precincts from 523 to 364 ahead of the May 7 minicipal primary elections.

Re-Elected Statewide Officers Sworn In For New Terms

Jan 14, 2019

Indiana’s secretary of state, auditor and treasurer were sworn into office Monday. All three women won re-election bids in November.

Indiana Democratic Party Chair John Zody, right, questions how Secretary of State Connie Lawson is targeting election ads in a year she’s running for re-election against Democrat Jim Harper, left. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Indiana Democrats question Secretary of State Connie Lawson’s use of taxpayer dollars on election ads.

Lawson Discusses Key Issues In Secretary Of State Race

Oct 15, 2018

Hoosiers will choose their next Secretary of State at the polls this year. It’s a race between incumbent Republican Connie Lawson, Democrat Jim Harper, and Libertarian Mark Rutherford. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith talks with Lawson about the key issues in the race.

Democrats haven’t won the race for Secretary of State since 1990. Jim Harper hopes to change that this year as he faces incumbent Republican Connie Lawson and Libertarian Mark Rutherford. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith talks with Harper about the race’s key issues.

Indiana Democrats have called for Secretary of State Connie Lawson to ensure all Hoosier counties have paper backups for their voting machines. Lawson says she plans to ask the General Assembly for the funding to do so next year. (WFIU/WTIU)
Brandon Smith

A new report says states need to replace voting machines that can’t be independently audited – meaning, essentially, they don’t use paper ballots.

The video board at Evansville's Ford Center shows Indiana Republican Party Chair Kyle Hupfer as he speaks to his party's convention. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Indiana Republicans approved a party platform at their convention Saturday that defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

Hoosiers Warned About Voter Participation Letter

May 4, 2018
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Jill Sheridan

People across Indiana are contacting the Secretary of States office to report they’ve received letters that claim to be voting record audits. 

The letter from the “Indiana State Voter Report Program” lists voter information on past participation as well as that of friends and neighbors.  

Indiana has restrictions on voter participation records, only providing it to political parties and legislative caucuses.  

Democrat Harper Announces Bid For Secretary Of State

Jan 17, 2018

Indiana Democrats have their first declared candidate for Secretary of State.

Valparaiso attorney Jim Harper announced Wednesday his bid to unseat incumbent Republican Connie Lawson this fall.

In his announcement video, Harper says he wants to promote small businesses, help protect investors against fraud, and advocate for election reforms.

“Like expanded early voting, same-day registration, and an end to political gerrymandering,” he says.

A Senate committee approved legislation Monday to ensure every valid absentee vote is counted – even if the voter dies before Election Day.

That approval comes despite objections from Secretary of State Connie Lawson’s office.

Current law invalidates absentee ballots if the voter dies after casting it, but before it’s counted on Election Day.

Study Committee Considers Automatic Voter Registration

Aug 30, 2017

Members of a legislative study committee Wednesday debated the merits of automatic voter registration. The discussion was part of an examination of election laws’ impact on voter participation.

Ten states in the country have some form of automatic voter registration. In most of them, citizens are registered to vote while doing other business at the BMV.

Advocates say the system could increase voter turnout.