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NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO, CANADA - In the aftermath of families getting separated at the U.S. - Mexico border, Lakeshore Public Radio traveled to the U.S. - Canada border to see how the environment is there.  

It was in Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada where Lakeshore Public Radio Reporter Sharon Jackson talked to people about their experiences crossing the border from the U.S. into Canada and Canada in the U.S.

Jackson went to Canada with her friend and travel partner, Denise Dougherty.  

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Today:   On this Reporters' Roundtable Thursday edition, we asked Michigan City "News-Dispatch" reporter Kelley Smith to join "Post-Tribune" reporter Carrie Napoleon and "Inside Indiana Business" senior writer-reporter Dan McGowan to talk about the stories they posted online and -- in Carrie's and Kelley's case,also put out in print for their newspapers.  Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson also joins us today we well. 

Today:    On this Reporters' Roundtable Thursday, we bring on "Times of Northwest Indiana" reporters Bill Dolan and Joseph Pete, to talk about the stories they worked on and presented in print and online for the newspaper.  Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson also joins us with her conversation with Christian Jorgensen, the Republican Party candidate who won the 7th District County Council nomination after a recount of votes. 

Today:   On this Reporters' Roundtable program, we have Doug Ross and Dan Carden from the "Times of Northwest Indiana" and Meredith Colias-Pete from the "Post-Tribune" to talk about the stories they wrote and offered in print and online.  Lakeshore Public Radio's Tommy Williams and Sharon Jackson both have contributions as well.

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NORTHWEST INDIANA/CHICAGO - A City at War: Chicago, a new documentary by Executive Producer, Writer, Director John Davies, and by Co-Executive Producer, Editor and Director of Photography, Brian Kallies and hosted by Bill Kurtis, makes it National Public Television premiere this Memorial Day weekend on more than 100 stations.  Lakeshore Public Radio spoke with Kallies, who back in 2005 was a production manager at Lakeshore Public Television.  He is now living in Los Angeles and making documentaries like, A City at War: Chicago," which will air on Lakeshore PBS on May 28th at 9:00pm.

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Today:  On this Reporter's Roundtable Thursday, we ask "Times of Northwest Indiana" reporters Giles Bruce and Andrew Steele and "Post-Tribune" reporter Greg Tejeda to join us, to talk about the stories they worked on for the newspaper and Web sites -- including the latest from the city of Gary, northwest Indiana  healthcare and transportation. Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson also has her feature on a  documentary airing this holiday on Lakeshore PBS about life in Chicago during World War II.

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Today:   It's Reporter's Roundtable Thursday and we have on the program: Meredith Colias-Pete from the "Post-Tribune," Jon Gard of the LaPorte "Herald Argus" and Michigan City "News-Dispatch," and Joseph Pete from the "Times of Northwest Indiana."  They talk about the stories they had in print and online for their newspapers.  Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson is also on the program with her story of a Highland teacher who uses art to enhance the school's STEM curriculum.

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Today:  On this Reporters Roundtable Thursday, we turn to "Post-Tribune" reporters Carole Carlson and Carrie Napoleon, "Times" healthcare reporter Giles Bruce and LaPorte "Herald Argus" and Michigan City "News Dispatch" reporter Jon Gard for the stories they've worked on, posted online and put into print.  Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson also joins us.


Today:  On this Reporters Roundtable edition of "Regionally Speaking,"we talk with Dan Carden and Rob Earnshaw of the "Times of Northwest Indiana," Greg Tejeda of the "Post-Tribune," Stan Maddux -- a LaPorte County correspondent for the "Times" and "South Bend Tribune" as well as newsman for two Laporte radio stations -- and we also have conversations from northwest Indiana reporter Michael Puente and Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson.

Today:  It's Reporters Roundtable Thursday, the day we turn to our colleagues from northwest Indiana media to talk about the stories they worked on for their employers online and in print.  This week, we have two "Times of Northwest Indiana" writers -- education reporter Carmen McCollum and business reporter Joseph Pete.  We also hear from Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson.

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HIGHLAND PARK, IL - Stevie Nicks said there would be stories and there were.  It was an integral part of her show at Ravinia on Saturday, September 9th, 2017.

Nicks told everyone about when she decided in 1979 to make a solo album, telling her band Fleetwood Mac about her decision, how the band took the news and meeting the president of Atlantic Records, Jimmy Lovine who she ended up moving in with 10 days after meeting him.  He produced Bella Donna.  

Nicks also said he was the one behind the idea of putting the single, "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" on that album.

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HIGHLAND PARK, IL - Besides Ravinia being magical in itself, audience members seemed truly delighted by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons at the Friday, September 8th show.  Of course many songs were shorter in length in the 60's and I think there were about 26 (or so) performed in the set list.

Ravinia Festival

HIGHLAND PARK, IL - Listening to Sheryl Crow lay out hit after hit, and some of her new music, made for an excellent Friday night at Ravinia on July 7th.  Crow was in great form for the performance which was part of her "Be Myself Tour 2017." And even if she wasn't, the Ravinia setting delivers a concert like no other venue.

Josh Wood from Milwaukee was at Ravinia for the first time and was impressed.

Patrick Gipson / Courtesy of Ravinia

Diana Krall did more than just share her musical talent at Ravinia Festival on Wednesday June 28th, she also let the audience in to her funny personality and self deprecating sense of humor, making jokes like 'you gotta hit the wrong note once in a while, but do it with feeling."  and pausing while saying 'when everything else fails, put some lipstick on."

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March until June is nesting season for Canada geese, and that can become a problem for Hoosier property owners.  During nesting season these geese are especially aggressive, sometimes attacking and nipping at people to protect their nests.  But you can get a permit in Indiana to destroy their eggs, nests and even kill the adults.


It's that time of year again, the Super Bowl!  And to many Northwest Indiana Hoosiers it could be a big "who cares" because there's no Bears and no Colts in Super Bowl 51.  Who is in it are the New England Patriots, who have won four Super Bowls and all within recent history, in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2015.  The Patriots will face the Atlanta Falcons, who have never won a Super Bowl.  But they did make it to the big game in 1999.  Does the game hold any interest people in the Region?  The Lakeshore finds out.