Steak N Shake

Steak 'n Shake Locations To Shift To Countertop Service

Mar 2, 2020

Indianapolis-headquartered Steak 'n Shake is changing the format of its stores to speed up service and reduce operational costs. The transition comes as the company lost more than $18 million last year. 

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Today:    We begin with an in-studio conversation with Carolyn Saxton of the Legacy Foundation about the organization's Endowment Building Challenge, a year-long effort to help some of the nonprofits assisted by the Foundation to build financial sustainability.  Lakeshore Public Media is one of them, and a special social media campaign that ends on Friday, June 7th, at noon.  More information is on the Legacy Foundation website.   We also have Carole Carlson of the "Post-Tribune" and Joseph Pete with the "Times" with us to talk about the stories they put out in print and online.  They incl