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Today:   Old Lake County Courthouse managing director Carrie Napoleon joins us to talk about the upcoming east-side patio project ans the commemorative "legacy bricks" that will be used on the project.  Crown Point city employees saved the bricks from previous construction projects and put them in storage.  We also bring you a report from NPR's Audie Cornish, aired last week on "All Things Considered," on the podcast made by Steel City Academy students about the proposed solid waste processing and recycling facility to be built across the street from the school.  Cornish spoke to the stude

GARY, Ind. (AP) — Residents in northwest Indiana are urging officials to block a proposed $50 million waste processing and recycling facility.

Environmentalists and residents asked the Little Calumet River Basin Commission last week to not renew a 2016 licensing agreement with Maya Energy, The Times reported . The company failed to build the facility in Chicago Heights, Illinois.

Gary residents expressed concerns about how the facility planned in the city would change the river's water quality.

There are usually two sides (perhaps more) to a controversial issue.  This controversy surrounds a proposal by Merrillville-based Maya Energy LLC to build a solid waste materials processing facility in Gary.  Lakeshore Public Radio offers, first, the proposal from Maya Energy and, secondly,  the viewpoint of environmentalists and the businesses and residents affected by it.

Here is James Ventura, a former East Chicago city councilman who is the principal of Maya Energy LLC, when he came on "Regionally Speaking" on March 12th.

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Today:   we continue our conversation on the proposed solid waste materials recovery facility in Gary with "the other side" of the issue.  Sam Henderson, an attorney for the Hoosier Environmental Council, is in the studio to talk about the concerns that the HEC and local citizens, businesses and educational organizations like the Steel City Academy about Maya Energy LLC's proposal.