Former STYX vocalist show host Tom Lounges' long time friend, DENNIS DEYOUNG will call in to discuss his two newest solo band releases -- "26 East Vol. 1" and "26 East Vol. 2" -- and what promoted him to go back in the studio after such a long hiatus.

Are these really DeYoung's final recordings was recently announced?  Find out what's happening with this gifted Chicago songwriter/performer who sounds as good or better than ever on these newest recordings.

Tom will talk with STYX guitarist JAMES YOUNG about the iconic Chicago band's brand new album, "CRASH OF THE CROWN," their current tour, and future plans for the long-running rock group. New songs from "CRASH OF THE CROWN" will be spotlighted during the interview and discussed.

Originally broadcast on February 9, 2017


MUSICAL GUEST:  DENNIS DeYOUNG (former STYX vocalist/writer)

This edition of the "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges," the musical guest was Chicago music icon,  DENNIS DeYOUNG — the former singer, songwriter and keyboardist of the classic rock group, STYX.

This “MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges” originally aired on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

GUEST:  Chicago Music Icon — DENNIS DeYOUNG


The musical guest on this installment of “Midwest BEAT with Tom Lounges” is DENNIS DeYOUNG — a Chicago music icon who has traveled the world yet has always kept true to the Windy City where he continues to make a home and where he can be heard cheering on the Chicago White Sox every season!